Out-of-pocket Expenses Claim
Successive expenses applications can be made each time an advance payment is made. The Process is launched by emailing a photo of the receipt showing the amount and the date, etc. which are automatically entered from the email body. At the [1. Claim (pending)] Step, data of the claim can be added/modified, but it will be automatically submitted after 24 hours have elapsed. Users can also make a claim via a browser and check the progress.
2019 (CC BY-SA 4.0) Questetra, Inc.
1. Claim (appending) 1x. Claim via Web 1x. Re-claim / Withdraw 2. Approve / Reject 3. Correct / Reject Progress: Completed thoroughly Progress: Rejected by Accounting Progress: Waiting for Approval by Superior Progress: Waiting for Correction by Accounting Progress: Withdrawn by Claimer
files Mail-Attachment (Bill receipt image)
single Mail-Title
single Mail-From
datetime Mail-Datetime
guide = Out-of-pocket Expenses Claim =
org Organization of the Claimer
select Claimer
datetime Date Time of Claiming
number Amount paid
yyyy-mm-dd Date of payment
select Expense classification
multiple Payment Remarks
guide = Correction for Accounting (Bookkeeping) =
single Email address of Claimer
yyyy-mm Accounting month
single Accounts Title classification
number Settlement amount
guide = Internal Communication =
radio Progress
discuss Comments / Messages



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