Out-of-pocket Expenses Claim
A User claims every time when expense paid out-of-pocket. Launched by emailing the receipt image taken with “smartphone” was done, and the amount and the date etc. of expense paid are automatically entered from the email body. At the Step of [1. Claim (appending], data of the claim can be added/modified, but it will be automatically submitted after 24 hours have elapsed. Users can make a claim also with a browser, and check the progress.
2019 (CC BY-SA 4.0) Questetra, Inc.
1. Claim (appending) 1x. Claim via Web 1x. Re-claim / Withdraw 2. Approve / Reject 3. Correct / Reject Progress: Completed thoroughly Progress: Rejected by Accounting Progress: Waiting for Approval by Superior Progress: Waiting for Correction by Accounting Progress: Withdrawn by Claimer
files Mail-Attachment (Bill receipt image)
single Mail-Title
single Mail-From
datetime Mail-Datetime
guide = Out-of-pocket Expenses Claim =
org Organization of the Claimer
select Claimer
datetime Date Time of Claiming
number Amount paid
yyyy-mm-dd Date of payment
select Expense classification
multiple Payment Remarks
guide = Correction for Accounting (Bookkeeping) =
single Email address of Claimer
yyyy-mm Accounting month
single Accounts Title classification
number Settlement amount
guide = Internal Communication =
radio Progress
discuss Comments / Messages



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