Shipment BPO Flow
Outsources packaging/inspection/shipment operation. The destination and Commodity are entered at the Task of [1. Enter Shipping instruction], then outsourced for and [4. Packing] and [5. Inspection] after confirmation by the Leader.
2019 (CC BY-SA 4.0) Questetra, Inc.
1. Enter Shipping instruction 1x. Re-enter 2. Shipping instruction confirmation 3. Payment Confirmation 4. Packing Completion 5. Inspection Completion Auto-generation of Invoice
guide = Order Infor (except invoice matters) =
number Customer ID
single Email Address
check Prepayment Confirmation
check Prepayment Confirmation
guide = Invoice =
single Organization
multiple Address + Zip Code
multiple Position + Name
datetime Specified Delivery Time
single Invoice File Name
files Invoice File
single Summary 1
number Quantity 1
number Unit Price 1
number Amount 1
single Summary 2
number Quantity 2
number Unit Price 2
number Amount 2
single Summary 3
number Quantity 3
number Unit Price 3
number Amount 3
single Summary 4
number Quantity 4
number Unit Price 4
number Amount 4
number Subtotal (excluding tax)
number Tax
number Total
multiple Message


Process Modeling Story

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