Pick, Pack and Ship flow-HTTP connect
Outsources the packaging, inspection and shipment operations. The destination and commodity are entered at the [1. Enter Shipping instruction] Task. Then, after confirmation by the Leader, the [4. Packing] and [5. Inspection] Tasks are outsourced to the logistics company via HTTP.
BPMN Nodes
  • 1 1. Enter Shipping instruction The person in charge enters the shipping instructions to the contractor
  • 4 1x. Re-enter The person in charge corrects the instructions and resubmits
  • 3 2. Shipping instruction confirmation The boss of the person in charge checks the instructions and return any deficiencies
  • 8 3. Payment Confirmation Accounting staff confirms the payment
Variables (click to open)
  • Internal Communication 47:
  • Memo q_Memo 48:
  • = Order Info (except invoice matters) = 0:
  • Customer ID q_Customer_ID 1:
  • Email Address q_Email 2:
  • Payment Confirmation q_Payment_Confirmation 3:
  • Inspection q_Xray 4:
  • = Invoice = 5:
  • Company Name q_Company 6:
  • Job title + Name q_Customer 8*:
  • Address + Zip Code q_Address 7*:
  • Specified Delivery Time q_Delivery_Time 9:
  • Invoice File Name q_Invoice_Name 10: #{#format(processInstanceStartDatetime, ‘yyyyMMdd’)}-#{#sformat(‘%05d’, processInstanceId)}.pdf
  • Invoice File q_Invoice 11: Automatically set at x1
  • = Details Table q_Details 32:
  • Label for Amount 1 q_Label_Subtotal 34: Subtotal (w/o Tax)
  • Subtotal (excluding tax) q_Subtotal 28:
  • Label for Amount 2 q_Label_Discount 35:
  • Discount, etc. q_Discount 33:
  • Label for Amount 3 q_Label_Tax 36: Tax
  • Tax q_Tax 29:
  • Label for Total Amount q_Label_Total 37: Total amount
  • Total q_Total 30:
  • Message q_Footer 31: Thank you for ordering our product.
    We would like to ask you to patronage our products.
  • Remarks for Contractor q_Note 49:
  • Shipped Time q_Ship 44:
  • (HTTP communication) 39:
  • URL (Packing Completion) q_URL_Pack 40: https://YOUR-UNIQUE-DOMAIN/System/Event/IntermediateMessage/437/21/receive
  • key(Packing Completion) q_Key_Pack 41: KEY of Catching Message Intermediate Event (HTTP) : Packing Completion
  • URL(Inspection Completion) q_URL_Check 42: https://YOUR-UNIQUE-DOMAIN/System/Event/IntermediateMessage/437/22/receive
  • key(Inspection Completion) q_Key_Check 43: KEY of Catching Message Intermediate Event (HTTP) : Inspection Completion
  • (Response) q_response 45:
  • (Error Log) q_Log 46:



Only available for Professional edition.


  • You need to associate the Swimlane settings according to your organizational structure upon import
  • Please change the following settings in edit mode after installation
    • In the Throwing Message Intermediate Event (HTTP), set the URL and API key of the target Message Start Event (HTTP) to connect to
      • You can check the URL and API key when the App to connect to is Released (Active)
      • URL: Access URL in Communication Settings tab
      • API key: Replace the Parameter Value of the item in Parameter Name “key” on the Send Parameter tab with the character string displayed in the API key of the Start Event of the target App to connect
    • To the Initial values of the Data Items of URL (Packing Completion), URL (Inspection Completion), key (Packing Completion), and key (Inspection Completion), respectively set the URL and the key of the Catching Message Intermediate Event (HTTP) of Packing Completion and Inspection Completion
      • Check those on the Catching Message Intermediate Event (HTTP) Details page that opens by clicking [URL, Reception Parameters] in the properties of the icon that appears in the details of the released version
        • With this case, please do not use the URL that begins with ‘${var[applicationRoot]}’
  • For practical use, please change the fixed values that have been set
    • The To address and the URL described in the Body of Throwing Message Intermediate Event (Email) (“Deadline Notification”, “Payment confirmed Notification”, “Shipping Notification”)
    • Wordings that have been set in the Initial Value in the Data Item Message
    • Tax rate set in the Expression in the Numeric-type Data Item “Tax”

Arrangement Tips

  • The following Apps are published to be connected to
  • You can use it for business as it is, or you can use it as a reference for how to set up HTTP linkage between Apps

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