Timer Start: the number of choices

タイマー開始: 選択肢数

This item periodically starts processes with the number of choices. Each select type data item of each process will be set each choice.

Basic Configs
Step Name
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Configs for this Auto Step
C1: Select type Data item *


  • You can set multiple schedules on a Timer
  • The number of Processes that can be started simultaneously is limited to 100
  • Cannot be used when the choice of the specified select-type data item is via HTTP


See Also

Script (click to open)
  • An XML file that contains the code below is available to download
    • num_of_choices.xml (C) Questetra, Inc. (MIT License)
    • If you are using Professional, you can modify the contents of this file and use it as your own add-on auto step

 * @param {number} limit 選択肢数の上限
 * @returns {Array} items 選択肢の値一覧
 * @returns {string} items[].id 選択肢の値
const list = (limit) => {
    const def = configs.getObject("conf_idData");
    const choices = itemDao.findAll(def);
    if (choices.size() > limit) {
        throw new Error(`The number of choices ${choices.size()} exceeds the limit ${limit}.`);
    const items = [];
    choices.forEach(item => {
            id: item.getValue()
    return items;
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