Career Development

Enquiry Response Flow

The system accepts and responds to customer enquiries, automatically preparing a response template when an enquiry is received via web form or email. In the process [1. Accept Query/Write Response], the support person can choose to draft a response or, if necessary, request advice or translation. If a final response cannot be prepared in the process [2. Write Response], the primary response is sent and then the process [3. Final Answer] takes place.

Inquiry Response Flow

Accepts and answers customer inquiries. An answer template is automatically prepared when an inquiry is received via Web form or email. At the Step of [1. Acceptance / Answer], the support person creates answer sentences and replies, or if necessary, chooses to ask an advice or translation request. If the final answer cannot be made at the Step of [2. Create Answer], the process will go to [3. Answer Completion] after sending the primary answer.