Inquiry Response Flow
Accepts and answers customer inquiries. An answer template is automatically prepared when an inquiry is received via Web form or email. At the Step of [1. Acceptance / Answer], the support person creates answer sentences and replies, or if necessary, chooses to ask an advice or translation request. If the final answer cannot be made at the Step of [2. Create Answer], the process will go to [3. Answer Completion] after sending the primary answer.
2019 (CC BY-SA 4.0) Questetra, Inc.
1. Accept / Answer 2. Create Answer 3. Answer Completion Append Company Name in Subject Append Company Name in Subject Company Name set Reply Email set (Body) Reply Email set (Cc) Reply Email set (Subject) Reply Email set (To) Reply Email set (To) Reply Emailset (Body) a. Reply to Request b. Confirm the Translation/ Advice
guide = Email Contents =
single Email Subject
single Email From (Display name)
single Email From
multiple Email CC
multiple Email Body
files Email Attachment
guide = Form Submission Contents =
single Last Name
single First Name
single Company Name
single Phone Number
single Email Address
files Form Attachment
check Questionary 1 (Type of Inquiry)
check Questionary 2 (Questetra for)
check Questionary 3 (Appendix)
guide = Handler/ Control =
radio Contract Status
single Company name
single Personnel Name
single Keywords
select Handler
datetime Answer Deadline
guide = Request for Advice or Translation =
search Advisor/Translator
discuss Memo
guide = Reply Email from CS =
single Subject
datetime Transmission Timer
single To
multiple Cc
single From
files Attachment
multiple Email Body


Process Modeling Story

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