Outsourcing Mgmt.

Pick, Pack and Ship flow-HTTP connect

Outsources the packaging, inspection and shipment operations. The destination and commodity are entered at the [1. Enter Shipping instruction] Task. Then, after confirmation by the Leader, the [4. Packing] and [5. Inspection] Tasks are outsourced to the logistics company via HTTP.

Subcontracting Flow

A flow for concluding a contract with a subcontractor. After entrustment information is registered at the Step of [1. Register Range of Commissioning and Target Outsourcer], the Process is split into drafting a contract in the General Affairs Department and confirmation of past transaction records in the Accounting Department. If necessary, credit setting and security investigation are performed, and the Step of [4. Approval] is operated by the officer in charge.

Design Request Handling (Outsource option)

Manages from accepting designing requests to producing deliverables and delivering. At the Step of [2. Designate], whether to assign a person in charge in the team or to outsource the production is determined. The person in charge of design performs designing work at the Step of [3. Create], but it is also possible to outsource it when it is not possible to respond. Whether production of in-team or external, the deliverables will be delivered after checked.

Design Request

A flow in which icons, posters, etc. are created. Basically it is produced in the process of [3. Deliverables Production] and checked in the process of [4. Confirmation of Deliverables]. In the busy season etc, it may be outsourced to Crowd Sourcing etc. in the process of [3x. Commission of production].