Contract Negotiation

Invoice Storage Process, ClimberCloud Integration

This process is for the electronic storage of received invoices and receipts. The invoice recipient registers the PDF invoice and the issue date, issuer name, invoice amount, etc.
After approval by the supervisor, the workflow platform stores the invoice file and data in ClimberCloud (a service that supports the Electronic Ledger Act and invoice system).

Agreement Conclusion Flow

Manages processes beginning from registration of draft contract to signature and mailing. Once a draft contract is registered, being approved by the supervisor and legal affairs before proceeding to the Step of [4. Get the consent]. Upon obtaining the consent, after confirming by the supervisor, it proceeds to the Step of [6. Signature and Post] where the contract is mailed. Depending on the situation, such as a boiler-plate contract, it is possible to skip the approval of supervisors and legal affairs.

Contract Approval Process

Registers a draft contract and gets approved by a supervisor and legal dept. The draft contract is revised repeatedly until being approved at the Steps of [2. Approval by supervisor] and [3. Approval by Legal]. After approval, the contract is negotiated and the result is recorded at the Step of [4. Register Conclusion].

Subcontracting Flow

A flow for concluding a contract with a subcontractor. After entrustment information is registered at the Step of [1. Register Range of Commissioning and Target Outsourcer], the Process is split into drafting a contract in the General Affairs Department and confirmation of past transaction records in the Accounting Department. If necessary, credit setting and security investigation are performed, and the Step of [4. Approval] is operated by the officer in charge.