Construction Mgmt.

BPO Shipment Process

Receive product delivery information, pack and ship. It is automatically started when delivery information is received from the consignor via HTTP communication. An invoice is automatically generated, and when the [1. Packing completion] process is completed, “Packing complete” is reported to the consignor’s business process. If “inspection” is instructed as an option, an inspection is performed and a completion report is given.

Progress Report Process

Multiple people will report and summarize the progress of the project. Reporters appointed at the [1. Rapporteur Designation] Step make a report and handle the [2. Progress in Subjective]. With the aggregation of reported values will help to increase the reliability of progress evaluation.

Acceptance Inspection Request Flow

Responds to inspection after delivery of consignment work. A delivery note PDF is automatically generated from the input information of [1. Delivery information input] and sent. In the Step of [2. Correspond Acceptance/Receiving Acceptance report], there are 4 correspondence patterns of a: Received an acceptance report / b: Deemed inspection passed / c: Extend acceptance deadline / d: Given up delivery acceptance.

Design Request Handling (Outsource option)

Manages from accepting designing requests to producing deliverables and delivering. At the Step of [2. Designate], whether to assign a person in charge in the team or to outsource the production is determined. The person in charge of design performs designing work at the Step of [3. Create], but it is also possible to outsource it when it is not possible to respond. Whether production of in-team or external, the deliverables will be delivered after checked.