Catalogue Request Correspondence Flow
Accepts an information request via the web form and registers customer information after sending the catalogue. After checking the contents of the web form entry at the [Confirmation / Judgement] Step, a Cover Sheet PDF is automatically generated. Also, the customer information is registered in the database (kintone) after the catalogue is shipped. If it is necessary for a sales representative to respond promptly, it proceeds to the [3. Undertake / Recording of result] Step.
2019 (CC BY-SA 4.0) Questetra, Inc.
1. Confirmation / Judgement 2. Print-out/ Shipment 3. Undertake /Recording of Result Cover sheet PDF Auto-generation Title set Urgent flag
guide = Web form Entry Info =
single Zip code
search (address search)
single Postal address
single Company name
single Dept. name
single Customer name
single Phone number
single Email address
multiple Request, etc.
guide = Destination on Cover sheet =
single Zip code
multiple Address
multiple Company name
multiple Dept. name
multiple Customer name
guide = Title / Messages on Cover sheet =
single Title of Cover sheet
single Date of acceptance
multiple Sender of Cover sheet
multiple Message on Cover sheet
single (PDF file name)
files Cover sheet PDF
guide = Request to Sales =
radio Urgent reaction?
single Notifying address
guide = Internal communication =
discuss Internal memo
multiple (JSON strings)
multiple (response)
multiple (error message)


Process Modeling Story

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