Catalogue Request Correspondence Flow
Accepts an information request via the web form and registers customer information after sending the catalogue. After checking the contents of the web form entry at the [Confirmation / Judgement] Step, a Cover Sheet PDF is automatically generated. Also, the customer information is registered in the database (kintone) after the catalogue is shipped. If it is necessary for a sales representative to respond promptly, it proceeds to the [3. Undertake / Recording of result] Step.
BPMN Nodes
  • 3 1. Confirmation / Judgement The person in charge confirms the input contents, corrects if necessary, and decides how to respond to the matter.
  • 12 2. Print-out/ Shipment The person in charge prints out the PDF, attach it to the requested material, and ship it.
  • 9 3. Undertake /Recording of Result Sales reps deal with customers
  • 1 x1. Title set The system generates a string with the Process Start date and time and the value entered in the form and set it in the Title
  • 2 x2. Auto-duplication The system replicates the value of the specified Data Items to other Data Items
  • 11 x4. Cover sheet PDF Auto-generation The system inserts the values of the specified Data Items into the Base PDF and generates a PDF file
  • 13 x5. JSON generation The system generates JSON code for the kintone database from the values of the specified Data Items
Variables (click to open)
  • = Web form Entry Info = 0:
  • Zip code q_Zip 1:
  • (address search) q_Address_Search 2:
  • Postal address q_Address 3:
  • Company name q_Company 4:
  • Dept. name q_Dept 5:
  • Your name q_Customer 6:
  • Phone number q_Phone 7:
  • Email address q_Email 8:
  • Request, etc. q_Request 9:
  • = Cover sheet destination = 25:
  • Zip code q_Zip2 26: Automatically set at x2.
  • Address q_Address2 27: Automatically set at x2.
  • Company name q_Company2 28: Automatically set at x2.
  • Dept. name q_Dept2 29: Automatically set at x2.
  • Customer name q_Customer2 30: Automatically set at x2.
  • = Title / Messages on Cover sheet = 10:
  • Title of Cover sheet q_Title 11: Delivery of Catalogue
  • Date of acceptance q_Date 12: #{#format(processInstanceStartDatetime, ‘yyyy-MM-dd’)}
  • Sender of Cover sheet q_Sender 13: Questetra, Inc.
    #4A, OIKE BLDG. 206 Ainomachi, KYOTO city. 98765
    075-205-5007 /
  • Message on Cover sheet q_Message 14: Dear all,

    Thank you for requesting our catalogue of our product, “Questetra BPM Suite”.
    We are going to post it as soon as possible.
    I would appreciate your deep consideration for purchasing our product.

    Please feel free to contact us whenever you find any question about the details.

    Best regards

  • (PDF file name) q_PDF 15: p#{processInstanceId}.pdf
  • Cover sheet PDF q_Cover 16: Automatically set at x4.
  • = Flow Control = 17:
  • Reaction q_Reaction 18*: Decides the Splitting in”1. Confirmation / Judgement”
  • Notifying address q_Notifying 19:
  • = Internal communication = 20:
  • Internal memo q_Memo 21:
  • (JSON strings) q_JSON 22:
  • (response) q_Response 23:
  • (error message) q_Error 24:



Only available for Professional edition.


  • You need to associate the Swimlane settings according to your organizational structure upon import
  • For practical use, please change the fixed values that have been set
    • The Initial Value in the Data Item “Sender of Cover sheet”, “Message on Cover sheet, “Notifying address”
  • Set up the connection with kintone
    • In the Throwing Message Intermediate Event (HTTP), “kintone”
      • Access URL in Network Setting tab: ,etc.
      • In the Header tab, Header Value of “X-Cybozu-API-Token” : The API token that is generated on the [API Token] page of the “Settings” tab of the kintone App settings screen while Add records box for “Permission” checked

Arrangement Tips

  • No specific work is assumed in “3. Undertake /Recording of Result” on “Sales representative”. You can make the app more practical by adding Data Items and designing downstream Steps as needed.
  • This app embodies the mechanism explained in the scenario article

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