Catalogue Request Correspondence Flow (Add-on)
Accepts an information request via the webform and registers customer information after sending the catalogue. After checking the contents of the web form entry at the [Confirmation / Judgement] Step, a Cover Sheet PDF is automatically generated. Also, the customer information is registered in the database (kintone) after the catalogue is shipped. If it is necessary for a sales representative to respond promptly, it proceeds to the [3. Undertake / Recording of result] Step.
BPMN Nodes
  • 3 1. Confirmation / Judgement The person in charge confirms the input contents, corrects if necessary, and decides how to respond to the matter.
  • 12 2. Print-out/ Shipment The person in charge prints out the PDF, attach it to the requested material, and ship it.
  • 9 3. Undertake /Recording of Result Sales reps deal with customers
  • 1 x1. Title set The system generates a string with the Process Start date and time and the value entered in the form and set it in the Title
  • 2 x2. Auto-duplication The system replicates the value of the specified Data Items to other Data Items
  • 11 x3. Cover sheet PDF Auto-generation The system inserts the values of the specified Data Items into the Base PDF and generates a PDF file
  • 16 x4. kintone Record Add The system adds the specified items to a kintone record
Variables (click to open)
  • = Web form Entry Info = 0:
  • Zip code q_Zip 1:
  • Postal address q_Address 3:
  • Company name q_Company 4:
  • Dept. name q_Dept 5:
  • Your name q_Customer 6:
  • Phone number q_Phone 7:
  • Email address q_Email 8:
  • Request, etc. q_Request 9:
  • = Cover sheet destination = 25:
  • Zip code q_Zip2 26: Automatically set at x2.
  • Address q_Address2 27: Automatically set at x2.
  • Company name q_Company2 28: Automatically set at x2.
  • Dept. name q_Dept2 29: Automatically set at x2.
  • Customer name q_Customer2 30: Automatically set at x2.
  • = Title / Messages on Cover sheet = 10:
  • Title of Cover sheet q_Title 11: Delivery of Catalogue
  • Date of acceptance q_Date 12: #{#format(processInstanceStartDatetime, ‘yyyy-MM-dd’)}
  • Sender of Cover sheet q_Sender 13: Questetra, Inc.
    #4A, OIKE BLDG. 206 Ainomachi, KYOTO city. 98765
    075-205-5007 /
  • Message on Cover sheet q_Message 14: Dear all,

    Thank you for requesting our catalogue of our product, “Questetra BPM Suite”.
    We are going to post it as soon as possible.
    I would appreciate your deep consideration for purchasing our product.

    Please feel free to contact us whenever you find any question about the details.

    Best regards

  • (PDF file name) q_PDF 15: p#{processInstanceId}.pdf
  • Cover sheet PDF q_Cover 16: Automatically set at x3.
  • = Flow Control = 17:
  • Reaction q_Reaction 18*: Decides the Splitting in”1. Confirmation / Judgement” 不要
  • Notifying address q_Notifying 19:
  • = Internal communication = 20:
  • Internal memo q_Memo 21:
  • (JSON strings) q_JSON 22:
  • (response) q_Response 23:
  • (error message) q_Error 24:



Only available for Professional edition.


  • You need to associate the Swimlane settings according to your organizational structure upon import
  • For practical use, please change the fixed values that have been set
    • The Initial Value in the Data Item “Sender of Cover sheet”, “Message on Cover sheet, “Notifying address”
  • Unlike the Scenario article, this App uses the Service Task (Add-on) “kintone: Add New Record”
    • Set up the connection with the kintone App
      • On the [API Token] page of the “Settings” tab of the kintone App settings screen, check Add records box for “Permission” and generate an API token
        • In [HTTP Authorization Setting] of the Questetra App, [Add] a setting as [Token Fixed Value] and enter the generated token in the [Token] field and save it
        • In [C1: Authentication Settings in which API token is set] in the Service Task settings, select the setting name you saved the token
      • Match the settings of the kintone App to connect with the settings of Service Aask (add-on) kintone: Add record
        • [C6F to C12F: Field code] setting in the Service Task as with the strings to be set in Field Code of each Field of the kintone App form
        • Kintone App ID and Service Task settings [C4: App ID]
          • You can check the kintone App ID in the App Management

Arrangement Tips

  • No specific work is assumed in “3. Undertake /Recording of Result” on “Sales representative”. You can make the app more practical by adding Data Items and designing downstream Steps as needed.
  • As with the scenario article, an App that uses Script Tasks and Throwing Message Intermediate Event (HTTP) is also published

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