Decision-making Request Flow

Enables the deputy manager to give approval as a proxy for the department head. That is, requests of less than 1 million yen proceed to [3a. Approval] where the deputy manager will also be able to give approval. Applications for between 1 to 5 million yen will can also approved by the deputy manager after 24 hours. Meanwhile, for applications over 5 million yen proxy approval is not allowed.
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1. Submit plan draft
1x. Rework
2. Confirmation
2x. Request from Leader
3a. Approval
3b. Approval
3c. Approval
Approved by Department manager
Approved by Department manager
Confirmed by Leader
PDF generation
PDF generation
Recording of Withdrawal
Rejected by Department manager
Rejected by Department manager

guide = Application =
org Affiliation of Drafter
search Drafter
datetime Date and Time of Submission
multiple Contents and Reason of the Plan
files Attachment
number External Payment
number Internal Man-hours
radio Budget Classification
single Remarks for Budget Classification
guide = Confirmation by Leader / Approval by Department manger =
select Confirmed by: (Leader)
datetime Date and Time of Confirmation
select Approved by: (Department manager)
datetime Date and Time of Approval
guide = Decision =
radio Status
single Name of PDF
files PDF file
guide = Internal Communication =
discuss Message / Comment


Process Modeling Story

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