Information Sharing in Shift Work
Manages customer service at the hotel business. When the front desk staff inputs the customer’s checkout at the Step of [1 Report Checked-out], the room cleaning staff carries out the cleaning and ends with [3 Inspect room]. If the staff in charge of the night shift has input what dealt with guest’s complaints, the front desk staff will be notified it so that to be possible an appropriate response at checkout.
2019 (CC BY-SA 4.0) Questetra, Inc.
0. Entr. Guest / Complaint 1. Rprt. Checked-out 2. Clean up 2x. Rework 3. Inspect room Set Title Set Title Set Title
guide = Guest’s general info =
radio Extra bed
radio Parking
radio Children under 3
radio Pet
multiple Goods rental
multiple Multiple rooms
guide = Internal communication =
discuss Internal memo
datetime (Delivery time)
guide = Room to be housekept =
select Storey
select Room no.
multiple Instruction from Front desk


Process Modeling Story

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