Inquiry Handling Process
Accepts and responds to inquiries from customers. A response template is generated automatically when an inquiry via web form or email is received. If translation or technical advice is required each [2ab. Answer Support] Step will be assigned to a team of specialists. Support team staff can send a response at the [1. Drafting Answer (Help request)] Step or a sales representative can respond in the [2x. Result of Sales correspondence] Step. When a response email is sent the time required for the answer is calculated automatically.
2019 (CC BY-SA 4.0) Questetra, Inc.
0. Inquiry on Telephone and Visit 1. Drafting Answer (Help request) 2a. Answer Support 2b Answer Support 2x. Result of Sales correspondence Aggregation flag – on
guide = Inbound Contents =
single Acceptance Number
single Last Name
single First Name
single Company Name
single Phone Number
single Email Address
single Servicing URL
multiple Inquiry
files Attachment
check Privacy policy
single (Subject of received email)
multiple (CC Address)
guide = Supplemental Details of Questioner =
search (Select from Customer master)
single Company Name
single Corporation Number
single Customer Classification code
single Customer URL
select Customer Region
select Service Status
select Partnership
select Organization Scale
select Decile of last 6 months
select Use period
guide = Reply mail =
single TO
multiple CC
single From
single Subject
multiple Body
files Attach
guide = Communication =
discuss Internal Message
guide = Data for Aggregation =
select Drafter of Reply mail
select Adviser
datetime Start Time
datetime Completed time
number Time required
single (Exclusion Flag)


  • You need to modify to fit your Organizational structure upon import (Using Business Template for the First Time)
  • The code (Rhino) described in [Script Task] will not work in the future
    • A modified version is being prepared, so please update it after it is released


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