Inquiry Handling Process
Accepts and responds to inquiries from customers. A response template is generated automatically when an inquiry via web form or email is received. If translation or technical advice is required each [2ab. Answer Support] Step will be assigned to a team of specialists. Support team staff can send a response at the [1. Drafting Answer (Help request)] Step or a sales representative can respond in the [2x. Result of Sales correspondence] Step. When a response email is sent the time required for the answer is calculated automatically.
BPMN Nodes
  • 1 0. Inquiry on Telephone and Visit The telephone receptionist registers the inquiry information.
  • 7 1. Drafting Answer (Help request) The person in charge answers by seeking advice if necessary. Also possible to ask a sales representative to respond.
  • 12 2a. Answer Support The translator translates the answer text.
  • 13 2b. Answer Support The person in charge advises the person in charge of answering.
  • 14 2x. Result of Sales correspondence The sales representative takes over the responding to the customer.
  • 6 x1. Reply Template set The system generates a template of the answer text with the inquiry information and sets it in the data item.
  • 9 x2. Time required Calculation The system calculates the response time and sets the result in Data Item.
  • 10 x3. Aggregation flag – on The system deletes the value of “Do not count this” which is set as the Initial value in the Data Item “(Exclusion Flag)”.
Variables (click to open)
  • = Inbound Contents = 0:
  • Acceptance Number q_Acceptance 1: #{processInstanceId}-#{#sformat(‘%03d’, processInstanceSequenceNumber)}
  • Last Name q_Last_Name 2*:
  • First Name q_First_Name 3:
  • Company Name q_Company 4:
  • Phone Number q_Phone 5:
  • Email Address q_Email 6*: Message Start Event sets this
  • Servicing URL q_URL 7:
  • Inquiry q_Inquiry 8*: Message Start Event sets this
  • Attachment q_Attachment 9: Message Start Event sets this
  • Privacy policy q_Privacy 10*:
  • (Subject of received email) q_Subject_Email 11: Message Start Event sets this Inquiry via Web form
  • (CC Address) q_Address 12: Message Start Event sets this
  • = Supplemental Details of Questioner = 13:
  • (Select from Customer master) q_Master 14:
  • Company Name q_Company2 15:
  • Corporation Number q_Corporation 16:
  • Customer Classification code q_Classification 17:
  • Customer URL q_Customer_URL 18:
  • Customer Region q_Region 19:
  • Service Status q_Status 20: 1
  • Partnership q_Partnership 21: 1
  • Organization Scale q_Scale 22:
  • Decile of last 6 months q_Decile 23: 0
  • Use period q_Period 24: 0
  • = Reply mail = 25:
  • TO q_To 26: Automatically set at x1.
  • CC q_CC 27: Automatically set at x1.
  • From q_From 28:
  • Subject q_Subject 29: Automatically set at x1.
  • Body q_Body 30: A template is automatically set at x1.
  • Attach q_Attach 31:
  • = Communication = 32:
  • Internal Message q_Message 33:
  • = Data for Aggregation = 34:
  • Drafter of Reply mail q_Drafter 35: The operator is automatically set upon the completion of [1. Drafting Answer]
  • Translator q_Translator 41: The operator is automatically set upon the completion of [2a. Answer Support]
  • Adviser q_Adviser 36: The operator is automatically set upon the completion of [2b. Answer Support]
  • Start Time q_Start 37: processInstanceStartDatetime
  • Completed time q_Completed 38: The time is automatically set upon the completion of [2a. Answer Support]
  • Time required q_Time 39: Automatically set at x2.
  • (Exclusion Flag) q_Exclusion 40: The Initial value is removed at x3. Do not count this.


This archive contains the BPMN icon, which is only available in the Professional edition.


  • You need to associate the Swimlane settings according to your organizational structure upon import
  • Immediately after importing the App a settings error will occur
    • Change the necessary settings in edit mode
  • A special format options master file is required for the “= Supplemental Details of Questioner =” section to work.
    • Please omit this section by deleting all Data Items or by setting to No-display at all Steps
    • If you preserve the Items, specify a provisional App-shared add-on file to avoid the settings error
  • For practical use, please change the fixed values that have been set
    • The Initial Value in the Data Item “From”
    • In the Script Task x1. Reply Template, the template part (Company address/Phone, etc.)

Arrangement Tips

  • No specific work is assumed in “2x. Result of Sales correspondence” in the Sales Team Swimlane. You can make the App more practical by adding Data Items and designing downstream Steps as needed.
  • We are preparing an App to create an options master for the “= Supplemental Details of Questioner =”  section.

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