BPO Shipment Process
When product delivery information is received, it is packed and shipped. The Process starts automatically when delivery information is received from the consignor via HTTP communication. An invoice is automatically generated, and when the [1. Packing completion] Step is completed “Packing complete” is reported to the consignor’s business process. If the “inspection” option is instructed, an inspection is performed and a completion report is given.
2019 (CC BY-SA 4.0) Questetra, Inc.
1. Packing Completion 2. Inspection Completion / Shipping Auto-generation of Invoice
guide = Order Info (except invoice matters) =
check X-ray Inspection
guide = Invoice =
single Organization
multiple Address + Zip Code
multiple Position + Name
datetime Specified Delivery Time
single Invoice File Name
files Invoice File
single Summary 1
number Quantity 1
number Unit Price 1
number Amount 1
single Summary 2
number Quantity 2
number Unit Price 2
number Amount 2
single Summary 3
number Quantity 3
number Unit Price 3
number Amount 3
single Summary 4
number Quantity 4
number Unit Price 4
number Amount 4
number Subtotal (excluding tax)
number Tax
number Total
multiple Message
guide = Outsourcer Info =
single System URL
single key
single Process ID
single Node Number (Packing)
single Node Number (Inspection)



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