Routine Report

Meeting Report Process

This is the process by which sales representatives record and share the results of meetings with customers.
The sales representative registers the appointment in advance and enters the results after the meeting has taken place.
After inputting the results, the results of the meeting are automatically shared with the relevant parties by email.

Project Report Request Process

This workflow instructs the sales representative to report on high-profile deals, automatically creating a weekly list of deals from Salesforce, narrowed down by expected completion date, accuracy, etc. Automatic reporting instructions are given to the sales representative for each item on the list.

Contract Work Reporting Process

The process manages the forecasting and actual number of contracted working days on a monthly basis. A report on the operating schedule is automatically requested at the beginning of the month. The number of working days is automatically calculated at the time of the request. The number of working days is calculated based on pre-registered public holidays and regular holidays.

Order Reporting Process, LINE Notification

This is an order response process initiated by receipt of a fax mail.
Immediately after the process starts, the order is notified on line.
After confirmation by the sales leader and general manager, if the order amount is $5000 or more, the order is also reported to the executives.
*This system is designed to work with an Internet FAX service that converts received faxes into PDF attachment emails and sends them out.

Translation Request Flow

Requests for translation of a draft. The sentences entered in [1. Document set] will be delivered to the translator. When the translation is completed (2. translation), the number of characters is recorded and the requester is notified.

BPO Shipment Process

Receive product delivery information, pack and ship. It is automatically started when delivery information is received from the consignor via HTTP communication. An invoice is automatically generated, and when the [1. Packing completion] process is completed, “Packing complete” is reported to the consignor’s business process. If “inspection” is instructed as an option, an inspection is performed and a completion report is given.

Progress Report Process

Multiple people will report and summarize the progress of the project. Reporters appointed at the [1. Rapporteur Designation] Step make a report and handle the [2. Progress in Subjective]. With the aggregation of reported values will help to increase the reliability of progress evaluation.