Acceptance Inspection Request Flow
Responds to inspection after delivery of contracted work. A delivery note PDF is automatically generated from the information input at [1. Delivery information input] and sent. In the [2. Correspond Acceptance/Receiving Acceptance report] Step there are 4 correspondence patterns available; a: receipt of acceptance report / b: deemed inspection passed / c: extend acceptance deadline / d: abandon delivery acceptance.
2019 (CC BY-SA 4.0) Questetra, Inc.
1. Delivery information input 2. Correspond Acceptance / Receiving Acceptance report 3. Invoice transmission Accepted date set Message assignment PDF generation
guide = Internal communication =
discuss Internal message
files Attachment
yyyy-mm-dd Accepted date
guide = Delivery info =
single Company name
single Representative email address
multiple Representative name, assignment
multiple Address, zip code
yyyy-mm-dd Delivery note issued on;
datetime Acceptance deadline
single Document ID
single Document title
files Delivery note file
multiple Header message
table Details table
single Label on sub-total 1
number Sub total 1
single Label on Discount, etc. 2
number Discount, etc. 2
single Label on Tax, etc. 3
number Tax, etc. 3
single Label on Total amount
number Total amount
multiple Footer message


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