Inquiry Response

Answer Drafting Flow

Accepts questions and designates personnel to create the answer. After accepting the question with the Web form or email etc., the person in charge who will prepare the answer sentence will be appointed at the Step of [2. Jurisdiction to answer]. Answers are drafted by AI, and responsible personnel completes it. At the Step of the [5. Reviewing terminology and legal], the content of the answer is checked, and if approved it will proceed to the following Step.

SLA Credits Issuance Flow

Accepts reduction claims based on SLA (Service Level Agreement) from customers and issues service credits. When there is an application via the Web form, the Workflow is Started, and the Service Operation manager confirms the results at the Step of [2. Downtime Confirmation]. If it does not meet the SLA, a service credit will be issued and automatically sends the response by email.

Inquiry Handling Process

Accepts inquiries from customers and answers. A response template is generated automatically when it receives an inquiry via a Web form or an email. If translation or technical advice is required, each Step of [2ab. Answer Support] will be assigned to a team of specialists. Staffs of the Support team can send a response at the [1. Drafting Answer (Help request)] Step or a sales representative can respond in the [2x. Result of Sales correspondence] Step. When a response email is sent, the time required for the answer is calculated automatically.

Catalogue Request Correspondence Flow

Accepts information request via the Web form, and registers customer information after sending the catalogue. After checking the contents of the web form entry at the Step of [Confirmation / Judgement], a Cover Sheet PDF is automatically generated. Also, the customer information is registered in the database (kintone) after the catalogue is shipped. If it is necessary to respond promptly by a sales representative, it proceeds to the step of [3. Undertake / Recording of result].

Fax Reception Process

Internet FAX (cloud fax service) is a mechanism to convert received faxes into PDFs and notify them by e-mail. This Workflow-App receives the notification email via mailing list. After that, PDF data received is checked in [1. Confirm order]. Noise data such as unwanted faxes and false positives are eliminated. The files are saved according to the rule in the automatic processing step [Save G Drive].