Inquiry Response Process 20230320
This is a process to centrally manage responses to inquiries via web forms and phone calls. After receiving an inquiry, a draft of the inquiry response is automatically requested to the AI chat (ChatGPT). The person in charge uses the draft to create a response text.
Workers (Number of swimlanes: 4)
  • Employee
    • The employee who reports the inquiry.
  • General Inquiry Leader
    • The person in charge of the inquiry response team.
  • Responder
    • The person in charge of handling the inquiry.
  • Translator/Advisor
    • The person in charge of translation and advice.
Workflow (Complexity of workflow diagram: 25)
  • 11. Issue a voucher
    • The employee enters about the inquiry.
  • 62. Nomination to be in charge
    • The person in charge of the inquiry response team will designate a responder.
  • 133. Response
    • The person responding to the inquiry enters the answer.
  • 143b. Translation/advice
    • A designated person will translate and advise.
  • 194. Evaluation of response
    • The person responsible for the inquiry response team evaluates the results of the response.
  • 39. Answered Votes
    • Employees enter questions that have already been answered by phone.
  • 25x1′. Subject
    • The workflow platform sets the subject line.
  • 8x1. Subject
    • The workflow platform sets the subject line.
  • 9x2. Destination
    • The workflow platform sets the recipient to whom the response email is sent.
  • 10x3. Reply Email Text
    • The workflow platform sets the response email text.
  • 23x4. ChatGPT Questionnaire
    • The workflow platform creates the questions to be posed to ChatGPT.
  • 26 x5. ChatGPT Inquiry
Business process variables to be passed (number of data items: 35)
  • ▼ Contact Information ▼ 0
  • Name of Inquirer q_name 1
  • Company Name q_company 2
  • Email Address q_email 3
    • The email address of the inquirer is stored.
  • Phone number q_tel 4
    • The telephone number of the inquiring party is stored.
  • Past Queries of Special Note q_note 5
    • Past queries of special note regarding the query source will be stored.
  • ▼ Inquiry form ▼ 6
  • Date Received q_receiveDatetime 7
    • The date and time of inquiry receipt is stored.
    • processInstanceStartDatetime
  • Inquiry ID q_id 8
    • #{#sformat(‘%d’, processInstanceId)}#{#sformat(‘%04d’, processInstanceSequenceNumber)}
  • Inquiry type 1 q_kind1 9
  • Inquiry type 2 q_kind2 10
  • Product Features q_function 11
    • Product functions related to the inquiry are stored.
  • Inquiry details q_inquiryDetail 12
    • The details of the inquiry are stored.
  • ChatGPT Questionnaire (for preparation of draft answers to questions) q_ChatGPTprompt 23
    • Question text to ChatGPT is stored.
  • ChatGPT answer (draft question and answer) q_ChatGPTcompletion 34
    • The response text from ChatGPT is stored.
  • Inquiry related files q_inquiryFile 13
    • Files related to the query will be stored.
  • ▼ Responses ▼ 14
  • Answer method q_media 15
    • The method of responding to the inquirer is stored.
  • Correspondent q_operator 16
    • The person in charge of creating the query response is stored.
  • Answer Time q_responseDatetime 17
    • The date and time of the response to the inquirer are stored.
  • Response Summary q_responseDetail 18
    • A summary of the query response is stored.
  • ▼ Email Responses ▼ 19
  • Send reply email to q_mailTo 20
  • Reply email sent from q_mailFrom 21
    • The source address of the inquiry response email is stored.
  • Reply Email Text q_mailBody 22
    • The body of the inquiry response email is stored.
  • Files Related to Responses q_responseFile 33
    • Files related to the query responses will be stored.
  • ▼ Translation/advice ▼ 24
  • Correspondent (translation/advice) q_adviser 25
    • The translation/advice correspondent will be stored.
  • Deadline q_adviceLimit 26
    • The date and time of the translation/advice deadline will be stored.
  • Translation/advice q_adviceDetail 27
    • The detailed content of the translation/advice is stored.
  • Translation Advisory File q_adviceFile 28
    • Files related to translation/advice will be stored.
  • ▼ Internal communication / Overview of responses ▼ 29
  • Correspondence Rating q_point 30
    • The grade for the response to the question is stored.
  • Knowledge should be shared internally q_knowledgeFlag 31
    • The content of the inquiry and whether the results should be shared with internal knowledge is stored.
  • Comments q_comment 32
    • Notes and comments are stored.

Field name, Num, Initial value


Available only in Professional Edition.


  • Please check the Notes on the add-on page for the ChatGPT linkage part of the configuration. At this point (at the time of writing this page: 2023-03-20), the GPT-4 AI engine has already been released, but since we are still investigating its operation, we have specified “gpt-3.5-turbo” as the engine.


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