Inquiry Response Process, ChatGPT Connection Response Review 20230609
This process centrally manages the process from receipt of queries via web form to response. After drafting a response, the person in charge can request an improvement review from ChatGPT if necessary. The response is completed based on the review results, and is then sent back to the enquirer.
Worker (#of Swimlane: 3)
  • General Inquiry Desk Leader
    • Head of enquiry response team.
  • Correspondent
    • Person in charge of responding to enquiries.
  • ChatGPT
Business Flow (Complexity of Workflow: 14)
  • 61. Designate a Responder
    • The head of the enquiry response team appoints a responder.
  • 132. Response
    • The query responder enters the answer.
  • 193. Evaluation of Response
    • The head of the enquiry response team evaluates the outcome of the response.
  • 8x1. Set Subject
    • The workflow platform sets the subject line.
  • 9x2. Destination, Response email text
    • The workflow platform sets the recipient of the response email.
  • 27x3. ChatGPT Request letter
    • The workflow platform creates draft request letters to be sent to ChatGPT.
  • 29 x4. ChatGPT Query
Business Process Variables (#of Data Item: 29)
  • ▼ Contact Information ▼ 0
  • Name q_name 1 *
  • Company Name q_company 2 *
  • Email Address q_email 3 *
    • The email address of the enquiring party is stored.
  • Phone Number q_tel 4
    • The telephone number of the enquiring party is stored.
  • Previous Questions of Note q_note 5
    • Contains past queries of particular note concerning the query source.
  • ▼ Questionnaire ▼ 6
  • Date Received q_receiveDatetime 7
    • The date and time of receipt of the query is stored.
    • processInstanceStartDatetime
  • Inquiry ID q_id 8
    • #{#sformat(‘%d’, processInstanceId)}#{#sformat(‘%04d’, processInstanceSequenceNumber)}
  • Type of Inquiry 1 q_kind1 9
  • Type of Inquiry 2 q_kind2 10
  • Product Features q_function 11
    • Product functions related to the query are stored.
  • Inquiry Details q_inquiryDetail 12*
    • The query details are stored.
  • Inquiry-Related Files q_inquiryFile 13
    • The files relevant to the query are stored.
  • ▼ Response Contents ▼ 14
  • Operator q_operator 16
    • The person in charge of creating the query response is stored.
  • Response Time q_responseDatetime 17
    • The date and time of the response to the enquirer is stored.
  • Reply Email Address q_mailTo 20
    • Contains the address to which query response emails are sent.
  • Sender Email q_mailFrom 21
    • The source address of the query response email is stored.
  • Response Email Text q_mailBody 22
    • The body of the enquiry response email is stored.
  • Files Related to the Response q_responseFile 33
    • The files related to the query answers are stored.
  • ▼ ChatGPT Consultation ▼ 38
  • ChatGPT Supplement 15
  • ChatGPT Request Text (prompt) q_ChatGPTprompt 23
    • The question text to the ChatGPT is stored.
  • ChatGPT Response q_ChatGPTcompletion 34
    • The response text from ChatGPT is stored.
  • ▼ Company Newsletter ▼ 29
  • Correspondence Rating q_point 30
    • The grade for the response to the query is stored.
  • Knowledge to be shared internally q_knowledgeFlag 31
    • Stores whether or not the inquiry content/result should be shared within the company.
  • Comments q_comment 32
    • Notes and comments are stored.

Field Name, num, Initial Value


This archive contains the BPMN icons that are not available in the Basic edition.


  • Please check the Notes section in the Add-on page for more information on the ChatGPT connection part of the configuration. At present (at the time of writing this page: 2023-06-09), the following settings are recommended to avoid ChatGPT integration process timeouts (the recommended settings may change due to future ChatGPT improvements).
    • Specify gpt-3.5-turbo instead of gpt-4 for the model name (AI engine name)
    • Write prompts that limit the number of characters in the response
       → However, this app cannot limit the number of characters in this app because it depends on the draft of the question and response.
    • Create prompts in English instead of Japanese
       → However, because this app includes the draft of the question and answer text in Japanese, it is not possible to make the prompt without Japanese in this app.


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