Disclosure Process

Automatic Scheduled Email Campaign

Every morning at 8:00, campaign emails will be automatically sent to the lead 1 day, 5 days, and 10 days after requesting materials. The administrator sets the subject and body of the email in the Day later email basic information connected to the timer start event. In addition, the destination of the mail is extracted from the application and data items set in “Send list extraction”.

Article Topic Acceptance Flow

Collects suggestions of topics for articles from internal. Employees posts idea, the editor will receive them. Posting can be made by emails as well. The editor is able to make comments on the idea, and consult with others. The comments made by the editor on an idea will be notified by an email to the suggester.

Article Creation Flow

Publishes web articles regarding topics. The writer writes an article on a topic specified at [1. Topic designation]. At [3. Posting judgment], the editor judges whether to a: Approve, b: Correction, c: Discard, d: Supervision, and proceeds with the processing. The writer will receive an email notification when a written article is posted.

Website Analytics Report Process

Starts periodically to obtain access information and automatically delivers a report by an email. Generates reports automatically based on the information obtained from Google Analytics and Google Calendar using the API. The marketing staff is able to make appending and correction on reports.