Article Creation Flow
Publishes web articles in accordance with a theme. The writer writes an article on a topic specified at the [1. Topic designation] Step. At [3. Posting judgment] the editor judges whether to a: approve, b: correct, c: discard, or d: supervise, and proceeds with the chosen course of action. The writer will receive an email notification when a written article is posted.
BPMN Nodes
  • 1 1. Topic designation The person in charge specifies the topic of the article and requests the article writing. Appointing a writer is available.
  • 6 2. Article writing (designated) The appointed writer writes an article in accordance with the specified topic.
  • 5 2. Article writing (undertake)
  • 9 2x. Rework The writer responds to the editor’s instructions.
  • 8 3. Posting judgment The person in charge reviews the article and decides whether to instruct it to be rewritten, to instruct it to be published, to request supervision of the content by designating a supervisor, or to discard the article.
  • 10 4. Supervion The nominated person reviews and supervises the content of the article.
  • 11 5. Web posting The person in charge posts the article on the website.
  • 16 x1. Character number counting The system measures the number of characters entered in the specified String-type Data Item and sets the result in the Numeric-type Data Item.
Variables (click to open)
  • = Topic of article = 0:
  • Designated topic q_Topic 1:
  • Keyword q_Keyword 2:
  • = Communication, remarks = 3:
  • Message q_Message 4:
  • = Writer/Article = 5:
  • Writer q_Writer 6:
  • Title q_Title 7:
  • Article body q_Body 8:
  • Illustration/Photo q_Illustration 9:
  • (Number of characters in article body) q_Number 10: Automatically set at x1
  • = Supervision = 11:
  • Supervisor q_Supervisor 12:
  • Opinion q_Opinion 13:


This archive contains the BPMN icons that are not available in the Basic edition.


  • You need to associate the Swimlane settings according to your organizational structure upon import

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