Article Creation Flow
Publishes web articles regarding topics. The writer writes an article on a topic specified at [1. Topic designation]. At [3. Posting judgment], the editor judges whether to a: Approve, b: Correction, c: Discard, d: Supervision, and proceeds with the processing. The writer will receive an email notification when a written article is posted.
2019 (CC BY-SA 4.0) Questetra, Inc.
1. Topic designation 2. Article writing (designated) 2. Article writing (undertake) 2x. Rework 3. Posting judgment 4. Supervion 5. Web posting Charactor number counting
guide = Topic of article =
multiple Designated topic
single Keyword
guide = Communication, remarks =
discuss Message
guide = Writer/Article =
search Writer
single Title
multiple Article body
files Illustration/Photo
number (Number of charactors in article body)
guide = Supervision =
search Supervisor
multiple Opinion


Process Modeling Story

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