Invoice Storage Process, ClimberCloud Integration 20230124
This process is for the electronic storage of received invoices and receipts. The invoice recipient registers the PDF invoice and the issue date, issuer name, invoice amount, etc. After approval by the supervisor, the workflow platform stores the invoice file and data in ClimberCloud (a service that supports the Electronic Ledger Act and invoice system).
※ ClimberCloud® is a registered trademark of NTT DATA Business Brains Corporation.
Workers (Number of swimlanes: 4)
  • Operator’s Supervisor
    • Supervisor of the Procurement Officer. Approves the contents of the invoice (including electronic invoice).
  • Accounting Dept.
    • Accounting Department. Finalize invoices (including electronic invoices). Waiting for acceptance each time.
  • Operator (of process 1x)
    • Procurement Officer. The person who received the invoice or receipt or registered the invoice data. (The user specified in the user type data “Person in charge of payment”)
  • Manager
    • Procurement Officer. The person who received the invoice or receipt.
Workflow (Workflow diagram complexity: 22)
  • 21a. Attachment + input date, amount, etc.
    • The procurement manager registers the contents of the invoice PDF (including other receipts, etc.).
  • 31b. Enter date, amount, etc.
    • The procurement officer registers the contents of the invoice PDF (after forwarding the email with the invoice PDF attached).
  • 112. Supervisor Approval
    • The procurement manager’s supervisor approves the request.
  • 193. Accounting Approval
    • The Accounting Department will perform a final review of the invoices (including other receipts, etc.) to be kept.
  • 264. Remittance Processing
    • The Accounting Department handles invoices that require transfer processing.
  • 139. Call-back
    • The procurement manager will re-register the contents of the invoice PDF (including other receipts, etc.).
  • 9From to Quser
    • The workflow platform references the string type “From” and sets the Quser type “Operator”.
  • 34Automatically set receipt title
    • The workflow platform sets the date/transaction amount/party name in the title of the case.
  • 31Rename Filename
    • The workflow platform adds “PID-Date-” as the Prefix to the file name.
  • 45Conversion of contact person’s name
    • The workflow platform converts the name of the person in charge of the payment into character type data.
  • 46Climber Index Generation
    • The workflow platform generates index files (in CSV format) for ClimberCloud’s filed lists.
  • 47Climber File Upload
    • The workflow platform uploads files to ClimberCloud as a list with files.
  • 28Title entry to undeletable area
    • The workflow platform writes the case title to the log (non-deletable area).
Business process variables to be passed (number of data items: 29)
  • ▽ Payment Summary 0
  • Procurer q_Procurer 1*
    • ${processInstance.initQuserId}
  • Received Invoice Files (electronic or scanned image files) q_E_Invoice_File 2
  • File Remarks (e.g. why the file is missing) q_File_Remarks 3
  • ▽ Requests to the Accounting Department in conjunction with payment 4
  • Message to the Accounting Department q_Message_to_Accounting 5 *
  • Deadline for Payment q_Bank_Deadline 6
  • Accounting Request Remarks q_q_Message_to_Accounting_Remarks 7
  • ▽ Description on the Qualified Claim Form received 8
  • Official trade name of the invoicing company q_Corporate_Name 9 *
  • Billing company registration number q_Corporate_Number 10
  • Details of the transaction (e.g., name of product purchased) q_Transaction_Title 11
  • Date of Transaction q_Transaction_Date 12 *
  • Transaction amount (total including tax) q_Total 13 *
  • 10% total (excluding tax in principle) q_Taxable10Total 14
  • 8% total (excluding tax in principle) q_Taxable8Total 15
  • 10% consumption tax q_Tax10 16
  • 8% consumption tax q_Tax8 17
  • ▽ Accounting Entries 18
  • Accounts q_JournalAccount 19
  • Journal remarks q_JournalAccount_Remarks 20
  • Transmission_Log 21
  • EmailFromAddress q_EmailFromAddress 22
  • EmailBody q_EmailBody 23
  • Climber payment handler’s name q_Procurer_Name 27
    • The name of the person in charge of the payment (character type) is stored for the ClimberCloud index file.
  • Index file for Climber q_Index_File 24
    • Index files (CSV format) for ClimberCloud’s filed listings are stored.
  • doc_id for Climber q_doc_id 25
    • The doc_id (Climber management No.) obtained after uploading the ClimberCloud file is stored.
  • Log for Climber q_log 26
    • Logs of ClimberCloud file uploads are stored.
  • Process ID q_pid 28
    • #{processInstanceId}

Field name, Num, Initial value


Available in Professional edition only.


  • ClimberCloud is a service provided by NTT Data Business Brains, Inc. and is JIIMA certified (the service is compliant with the Electric Ledger Law and Invoice System).
  • Prepare and upload the necessary files using ClimberCloud Index File: Create and ClimberCloud: Upload File.
  • For details on how to obtain a ClimberCloud API key and index file specifications, please refer to the ClimberCloud service (Support > Terms of Service/Specifications > WEBAPI Specifications). For ClimberCloud trial, please apply from the ClimberCloud website.
  • The settings are based on the assumption that the ClimberCloud side has prepared a list with files for the following content IDs and input formats. Please adjust the settings on ClimberCloud side as necessary.
    • Contents ID:INVOICE
    • Input format (column names, required and attributes below, and digit lengths, minimum and maximum values should be set according to your assumptions)
      • Date of transaction: Required: Date
      • Official trade name of invoicing company: Required: String
      • Quoted amount (total tax): Required: Amount
      • Questetra Process ID: Optional: String
      • Person in charge of payment: Optional: String
      • Billing company registration number: Optional: String
      • Description of transaction (e.g. name of product): Optional: String
      • Surveyed subjects: Optional: String


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