Lead Management Process, HubSpot Notification Email Import 20220817
This workflow receives HubSpot notification emails and manages customer outreach. The company name, customer name, etc., mentioned in the notification email are automatically stored as independent data. The results of the approach are also stored according to the sales activity.
Worker (#of Swimlane: 2)
  • Sales Representative
  • Sales Manager
Business Flow (Complexity of Workflow: 13)
  • 180. Manual Registration
    • The sales representative registers customer information such as company name and contact person.
  • 21. Lead Approach Record
    • Sales representatives record the results of their approach to prospective customers.
  • 122. End of Activity Confirmation
    • The sales manager instructs whether or not to terminate the prospective customer approach.
  • 9x0.parse mail body
    • The workflow platform analyses the email body and stores it in the specified data fields.
  • 15x1. Set Subject
    • The workflow platform should include a subject line.
  • 10x2. Update Activity History
    • The workflow platform adds activity records to the history.
  • 13x3. Clear Activity Record
    • The workflow platform clears activity records such as activity dates.
Workflow Diagram (click to open)
Business Process Variables (#of Data Item: 20)
  • ◆ Prospective Customer Information 1
  • Company Name q_corp_name 16
    • (HubSpot registration data) The company name is stored.
  • Contact Person q_person_name 4
    • (HubSpot registration data) The name of the person in charge is stored.
  • Email Address q_email 2
    • (HubSpot registration data) The email address is stored.
  • Telephone Number q_tel_no 17
    • (HubSpot registration data) Phone number is stored.
  • Contract Type q_contract_kind 5
    • (HubSpot registration data) The customer’s contract type is stored.
  • Contracted Services q_contract_services 6
    • (HubSpot registration data) The customer’s contracted services are stored.
  • Contract Date q_contract_date 8
    • (HubSpot registration data) The contract start date is stored.
  • Website Visit Date q_visit_datetime 9
    • (HubSpot registration data) The date and time of the customer’s website visit is stored.
  • Contact ID: HubSpot q_hubspot_contact_id 18
    • (HubSpot registration data) The contact ID is stored.
  • User Score q_user_score 19
    • (HubSpot registration data) User scores are stored.
  • Sales Representative q_sales_quser 7
    • (HubSpot registration data) Questetra account users matching the sales contact email address are stored.
  • Message q_message 3
    • (HubSpot registration data) Messages written by the customer are stored.
  • ◆ Sales Activity Record 10
  • Date of Activity q_action_date 11*
    • The activity date is stored.
  • Activity Type q_action_kind 12*
    • The activity date is stored by type.
  • Activity Details q_action_description 13*
    • Activity details are stored.
  • Activity History q_action_history 14
    • The history of past activities is stored.
  • Communication Section q_communication 15
    • The comments of the sales representative / sales manager are stored.
  • Email Body q_mail_body_from_hubspot 0
    • The body of the email from HubSpot is stored.

Field Name, num, Initial Value


This archive contains the BPMN icons that are not available in the Basic edition.


  • You need to associate the Swimlane settings according to your organizational structure upon import
  • For details on setting up the automatic process “x0. parse mail body”, see Arrangement Tips and String, Extract Values using Line-Begin Matching.

Arrangement Tips



    • Import email example
    Example Text (click to open)
    Hubspot/ sent information on users matching the Inside Sales response flag.
    Email Address: taro.yamada@example.com
    Company Name: Example Inc.
    Contact Person: Taro Yamada
    Telephone Number: 075-1234-5689
    Contract Type: paid
    Contracted Services: service1, service2
    Sales Representative: d.gently@questetra.com
    Contract Date: 2021/04/16 13:44 GMT+9.
    Website Visit Date: 2022/08/16 15:59_GMT+9
    Message: We are considering expanding the scope of our business use.
    We will use the trial infrastructure to design an app.
    Please provide suggestions for integration with HubSpot.
    Contact ID: 12345678
    User Score: 23

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