Estimate Storage Flow, Excel Online Ledger Update 20220912
A quotation PDF file is generated with the drafted content and uploaded to SharePoint Online. After the order has been confirmed, the contents and results of the quotation are recorded in the Excel Online ledger on SharePoint Online.
Workers (Number of swimlanes: 2)
  • Sales
    • Sales Representative
  • Supervisor
    • Supervisor of the sales representative
Workflow (Complexity of workflow diagram: 12)
  • 11. Draft Estimate Contents
    • The sales representative drafts the quotation.
  • 71x. Draft Correction
    • The sales representative revises the drafting and resubmits it.
  • 62. Approval
    • The sales representative’s supervisor checks the quotation and returns it if it is incomplete.
  • 83. Submit Quotation
    • The sales representative submits a quotation and reports the date and time of the quotation.
  • 94. Reporting Lost Orders
    • The sales representative reports the results of the order/lost order.
  • 16x1. Set PDF File Name
    • The system generates strings from fixed values and system variables and sets them into data items. 
  • 5x2. Generate PDF
    • The system inserts the values of the specified data items into a template and generates a PDF file.
  • 20x3. Upload to SharePoint Online
    • The system uploads the quotation file to a designated folder in SharePoint Online.
  • 21x4. Ledger Record
    • The system provides detailed information on quotations in the Excel Online quotation ledger.
Business process variables to be passed on (number of data items: 35)
  • ▼ Internal Commmunication ▼ 0
  • Special Case Notes q_Remarks 1
  • ▼ Submission Information ▼ 2
  • Company Name q_Company 3
    • Inserted into the PDF
  • Representative q_Representative 31
    • Inserted into the PDF
  • Department and Title q_Assignment 4
    • Inserted into the PDF
  • Address q_Post_Address 32
  • Telephone Number q_Phone 33
  • Email Address q_Email 34
  • ▼ Estimate Information ▼ 5
  • Estimator q_Person 6
    • Inserted into the PDF
    • ${processInstance.initQuserId}
  • (Approving Supervisor) q_Approved 35
    • The processor is set for ‘2. Approval’.
  • Service Details q_Service 36
  • Terms & Conditions q_Trade 7
    • 3
  • Date Quote Issued q_Issuance 8
    • Inserted into the PDF
    • processInstanceStartDatetime.addDays(3)
  • Quotation Expiry Date q_Expiration 9
    • processInstanceStartDatetime.addDays(17)
  • ◆ Itemised Table q_Details 10
  • Total Display 1 q_Label1 26
    • Inserted into the PDF
    • Subtotal (excluding tax)
  • Subtotal q_Subtotal 11
    • Inserted into the PDF
  • Total Display 2 q_Label2 27
    • Inserted into the PDF
  • Discount 2 q_Discount 30
    • Inserted into the PDF
  • Total Display 3 q_Label3 28
    • Inserted into the PDF
    • Consumption Tax
  • Consumption Tax q_Tax 12
    • Inserted into the PDF
  • Grand Total q_Label_Total 29
    • Inserted into the PDF
    • Total Amount Billed
  • Total q_Total 13
    • Inserted into the PDF
  • ◆ Footer Message q_Footer 14
    • Questetra BPM Suite is a workflow product that enables business data to be transferred in the cloud. It is characterised by the ability to set up workflows simply by Drag & Drop operations, and even complex workflows such as the ‘Approval Flow’, ‘Order Billing Flow’ and ‘Complaint Handling Flow’ can be systemised under the initiative of the site. If you would like to incorporate a function for automatic PDF generation of forms, or if you would like us to propose modelling of other operations, please contact us. If you have any requests, please feel free to contact Questetra.
  • PDF File Name q_PDF_Name 15
    • The process ID and date are concatenated and stored in “x1. Set PDF File Name” process. Example: “Quote-0001234-202207051120.pdf”.
  • PDF File q_PDF_File 16
    • In the “x2. Generate PDF” process, the automatically generated PDF files are stored.
  • Storage Folder URL q_folderUrl 22
  • ▼ Client’s Notes ▼ 17
  • Date of Quote Submission q_Submission 18
  • ▼ Results of Business Negotiations ▼ 19
  • Date of Results q_Win_Date 20
  • Lost Orders q_Win 21
    • The results of business negotiations, such as orders received and lost orders, are stored.
  • File URL q_fileUrl 25
    • The “x3.Upload to SharePoint Online” step stores the quotation file URL on SharePoint Online.

Field name, Num, Initial value


This archive contains the BPMN icon, which is only available in the Professional edition.


  • When importing, the processing person settings are associated with the organisational structure.
  • After importing, the settings need to be changed in the Edit mode.
    • (Immediately after import, a configuration error occurs.)
  • About setting up integration with Microsoft365-based services
  • About the automatic process “Upload to SharePoint Online”
    • Changing the scope when acquiring tokens
    • Scope specification (HTTP authentication settings)
      • offline_access
        ※ Attention ※ offline_access (for OneDrive) does not work
    • Specify the URL of the folder where the file is to be uploaded
      • URL when accessing the document library from a SharePoint Online screen.
        ※ Attention ※ URLs do not work when accessing the document library of a SharePoint Online site from ‘Quick Access’ on the OneDrive screen
  • The fixed values set should be changed when in use.
    • Display labels for Select-type data items ‘Service Details’ and ‘Terms & Conditions’
    • Initial values for data items ‘◆ Footer Message’ and ‘Storage Folder URL’
    • Fixed part such as company name in the template PDF (add-on)


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