Expense Claim Monthly Flow
You can submit a batch application for a monthly expenses payment. The Process starts automatically in the morning of the 1st of every month, and allocates the [1. Input Expense/ Claim] Step to all employees. Employees must input and save expenses data each time they make a request, and submit the claim at the end of the month when all input is completed. After approval by the supervisor and accounting department, an Expense Reimbursement claim PDF is automatically generated, to which receipts must be attached for submission.
2019 (CC BY-SA 4.0) Questetra, Inc.
1. Input Expense/ Claim 1a. Correction and reclaim 1b. Correction and reclaim 2. Supervisor’s Approval 3. Accounting’s Approval 4. Print out & Attach Receipt 5. Trail Storage PDF Generation p. 1 PDF Generation p. 2 PDF Generation p. 3
single File Name
files PDF
single Label-T1
single Label-T2
single Label-T3
single Label-T4
single Label-T5
single Label-T6
single Label-DocTitle
single Label-DocId
single Label-L1
single Label-L2
single Label-L3
single Label-L4
single Label-R1
single Label-R2
single Label-R3
single Label-R4
guide = Claim =
table Details
single Document ID
single Period
single Division
search Claimant
datetime Claimed on
number Total
search Approver
datetime Checked on
datetime Accounting Confirmed
files Receipts in Image (Provisional)
yyyy-mm-dd Deadline
guide Comments
discuss Correspondence



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