Order Delivery Process 20230901
This process manages the configuration work up to the delivery of a web service order. Work is allocated to the person in charge according to the options specified when the order is received. The manager can check the person in charge and progress of the configuration work for each project on the flow diagram.
Worker (#of Swimlane: 5)
  • Receptionist
    • Person in charge of accepting orders.
  • Screening Handler
    • Person in charge of reviewing subdomain names.
  • Licensing Officer
    • Person in charge of arranging licence keys.
  • Construction Manager
    • Person in charge of building the ordered environment.
  • Forwarding Officer
    • Person in charge of sending manuals.
Business Flow (Complexity of Workflow: 14)
  • 11. Contract Information Entry
    • The receptionist enters the contract information.
  • 132-1′. Subdomain Name Adjustment
    • The receptionist will coordinate with the customer who ordered the subdomain name that has been rejected for review.
  • 52-1. Sub-domain name screening
    • The reviewer will examine the desired subdomain name for problems (e.g. rule violations, duplication with others, etc.).
  • 142-2′. License key modification
    • The licensing officer corrects the licence key based on the points raised by the building officer.
  • 42-2. Arrangement of licence keys
    • The Licensing Officer will arrange for a licence key with the specified details.
  • 92-3. Manual mailing arrangements
    • The mailing officer arranges for the manual to be mailed to the designated address.
  • 63. Environment building
    • The construction staff will build the environment based on the licence key and subdomain name (only if specified) that has been passed around.
  • 15 x1. Set subject, calculate deadline date and time
Business Process Variables (#of Data Item: 15)
  • Customer Name q_customerName 0
  • Customer Email Address q_customerEmail 1
  • Plan Selection q_plan2
    • The contract plan selected by the applicant is stored.
  • Billing Start Dateq_paymentStartDate3
    • The date when billing starts is stored with the details of the application.
  • Desired Construction Date and Timeq_maintenanceDatetime10
    • The desired date and time for building the environment is stored.
  • Task Due Dateq_taskLimitDatetime14
    • The due date and time used to manage task deadlines are stored.
  • Desired Sub-domain Nameq_subdomain4
    • The sub-domain name requested by the applicant is stored.
  • Manual Requestedq_optionSend5
    • It stores whether the applicant has requested to be sent a manual.
  • Zip Codeq_sendZipcode12
    • The zip code of the address where the manual is to be sent is stored.
  • Mailing Addressq_sendAddress11
    • The address of the manual delivery address is stored.
  • Name of Recipientq_sendName13
    • The name of the person to whom the manual is sent is stored.
  • License Keyq_licenseKey6
    • It stores the licence key needed to build the environment.
  • Access URLq_accessUrl8
    • The access URL of the built environment is stored.
  • Initial Passwordq_password9
    • The initial password for the built environment is stored.
  • Memo/Comments q_memo 7

Field Name, num, Initial Value


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