Product Shipment

Entrusted Delivery Flow

The system manages the entire process from order receipt to delivery. The order information is entered in the “1. Order Information Entry” process and the project is started in “2. Confirmation of delivery date, etc.”. The delivery date will be automatically registered in Google Calendar. If multiple projects are progressing simultaneously, you can view the delivery dates for each project on Google Calendar.

Order Delivery Process

This process manages the configuration work up to the delivery of a web service order.
Work is allocated to the person in charge according to the options specified when the order is received.
The manager can check the person in charge and progress of the configuration work for each project on the flow diagram.

Postal Mailing Process

Accepts internal postal matter requests and assists for sending. Generates “Cover sheet PDF” automatically based on the information entered in the Step of [1. Addressee Info + Sending Materials]. General Affair staff prints out the cover sheet and encloses it and sends. After completing sending, a notification email will be sent to the requester. Capable of accepting requests also from other Processes.

Product Demo Flow

Accepts product demo requests and carry out the demo. Started by the acceptance of an application via the web form or an email and person in charge will be assigned at the [1. Assignment of Representative] Step. When the representative decides the demo date schedule, it is automatically registered in Google Calendar. After performing the product demo, the person in charge will make a report at the Step of [3. Demo Implementation report], and the supervisor confirms it at the Step of [4. Status Confirmation]

Entrusted-Delivery Flow

Manages orders from acceptance to delivery. Item information etc. are input at the Step of [1. Order Info] and the Issue is started after the Step of [2. Delivery Date Check]. The “delivery date” is automatically registered in Google Calendar. If multiple deals are progressing in parallel, you can list the delivery date of each deal in Google Calendar.

Zip Code Japan

About 120 thousand zip code master. By incorporating it in the workflow app, it becomes possible to refer to the postal code master in the setting of “Select (search select box)”. The data entry person can narrow down the choices (selection candidates) by entering part of zip code or address. Created based on Japan Post Co., Ltd. “Address Zip Code (CSV format)”.