Information Request List Checking Process 20221228
This is a system for checking the validity of delivered material request lists (TSV strings). Duplicate lines, missing email addresses, etc. are checked and non-valid results are notified to the source of delivery.
Worker (Number of swimlanes: 1)
  • Marketing Department
Workflow (Workflow diagram complexity: 11)
  • 51. Delivery: Material request list entry
    • The Marketing Department staff member registers the list from the deliverable “Request for Information List” Excel file.
  • 8x1. Delete duplicate lines
    • The workflow platform deletes duplicate rows of the material request list and stores them in a checked Table-type data item.
  • 6x2. Validity check
    • The workflow platform will check the validity of the email address and the availability of the phone number and describe the results.
  • 12x3. List file creation
    • The workflow platform converts the checked data into a file and stores it.
  • 13x4. Upload files
    • The workflow platform stores files in a Google Drive designated folder.
Business process variables to be passed (number of data items: 7)
  • Delivery Date q_delivery_date 4
    • processInstanceStartDatetime
  • Deliverables: List of Information Requests q_table 0*
    • The list of material requests delivered from contracted media companies will be stored.
  • Checked: Request for Information List (duplicate rows deleted) q_table_for_delete_dupicated_rows 2
    • The list of requests for information is stored with the results of the checks appended.
  • Duplicate Rows q_duplicate_rows_count 3
    • The number of duplicate rows in the document request list is stored.
  • Check Error Count q_error_count 1
    • The number of rejected rows is stored as a result of the validity check of the list of material requests.
  • Information Request List File q_document_file 5
    • The TSV format file of the checked material request list is stored.
  • File: Download URL q_document_file_download_url 6
    • The download URL for files stored in Google Drive will be stored.

Field name, Num, Initial value


This archive contains the BPMN icon, which is only available in the Professional edition.


  • Associate the processor settings with the organizational structure during import
  • “x4. Upload files” automatic process
    • Uploads the checked document request list file to the specified Google Drive folder.
      • The “Information Request List File” is a file generated by converting the Table-type data item “Checked: Information Request List (duplicate rows deleted)” to TSV format.

Arrangement Tips

  • “x2. Validity check” automatic process
    • The validity check can be performed on the specified columns of the Table-type data item “Checked: Request List (Duplicate Rows Deleted)”.
    • Various checks can be performed by specifying the field name of the target column, judgment conditions, etc.


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