Hi, I’m a technology officer at Questetra.

At Questetra, we are conducting a variety of inspections to detect if there is anything wrong with Questetra BPM Suite. Amongst the subjects of those inspections, response time is one we are focusing on. Response time means the time it took for the server to return a response after receiving a request from the browser. Since Questetra BPM Suite has various functions, there are some features that are light in processing and respond quickly, others use heavy processing and are time-consuming. Even so, I am trying to monitor the whole system thoroughly.

Regarding response time, an increase (that is, a decrease in response performance) is observed since the 11.6.0 release (2018-03-12). Below is a chart showing 2 weeks before and after 2018-03-12. The upper chart is the 90th percentile value and the lower one is the average value. The 90th percentile value is the value that is 90% of the whole when the response time is arranged in shortest order. The vertical axis is in microseconds and the horizontal axis is 12 hours for both charts.

The performance deteriorated temporarily just after the new version was released because the cache was cleared. After that the situation stabilised, but deterioration can be observed before and after the 11.6.0 release.

I assume that it is probably the result of changes we made to the entire platform. That could have been, for example, a version upgrade of the framework used in Questetra BPM Suite, change of database setting, etc. However, for now, the reason is not clear.

I will announce it to you when I find out anything about this issue.

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