Hi there.

In this post I will explain how to set up via SAML 2.0 authentication between Microsoft Entra ID and Questetra.

Microsoft has prepared the following pages, which I would like you to take a look at. However, there are a few points that should be noted and are supplemented on this page.

Tutorial: Microsoft Entra SSO integration with Questetra BPM Suite

  • To cooperate with Microsoft Entra ID, first enable Single Sign-on (SSO) in SAML in Questetra
    • Go to [System Settings] > [SSO (SAML)] and select [Enable Single Sign-On] on the [Single Sign-On (SAML)] settings screen
    • The information required for settings such as [SP information] will be displayed
  • Please note that in the chapter “Configure and test Microsoft Entra SSO for Questetra BPM Suite” on section 4 of the tutorial page above, the explanation of [Reply URL ( Assertion Consumer Service URL )], which is a mandatory setting item, is missing
    • Copy the URL listed under [ACS URL] at [SP Information] in Questetra and paste it into the [Assertion Consumer Service URL] box in the [Basic SAML Configuration] section of the Microsoft Entra admin center
  • Also, in section 5. of the above chapter, when copying and pasting the certificate content into the [Verification certificate] box in the [Single Sign-On (SAML)] settings screen in Questetra, the alphanumeric character string between “—-BEGIN CERTIFICATE —-” and “—- END CERTIFICATE —-” must be without line breaks