The logos on the login page to Questetra BPM Suite are changed with each version upgrade except for bug-fixed versions.

Since Questetra BPM Suite 12.3, we have been creating logos based on an Ukiyo-e series by Hiroshige Utagawa, the Fifty-three Stations of the Tokaido. The concept of the logos was that Ques-kun has travelled from Tokyo Bay to Kyoto, where the head office of Questetra is located, and he has successfully arrived in Kyoto, in Questetra BPM Suite 15.1.

Nihonbashi in Edo, Musashi Province

Totsuka, Sagami Province

Mishima, Izu Province

Numazu, Suruga Province

Nissaka, Totomi Province

Chiryu, Mikawa Province

Narumi, Owari Province

Seki, Ise Province

Otsu, Omi Province

Sanjo Ohashi in Kyoto, Yamashiro Province

We have been working on the logos with the policy of one for each medieval province of Japan, so we skipped many pieces in the series. We considered continuing this logo production as a Tokyo-Kyoto round trip since we could make logos from the remaining artworks. But we will do something different for the next logos.

Incidentally, we chose Ukiyo-e because it is Japanese fine art that has influenced the world. Questetra, Inc. aspires to be a world-class presence as well.

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