This bug has been fixed.

Fixed Version

  • Ver.— (none)
    (There is no fixed version due to a processing problem that was performed only once when the version was upgraded to 13.1)

Affected Version and Operation

  • Ver. 13.1 and later versions
  • Workflow App that was the target of data migration processing (settings of Throwing Message Intermediate Event (email)) when upgrading to Ver. 13.1

Bug Details

  • Occurs when the following operations are performed
    • The data migration process (*) for version upgrade to 13.1 was performed in the Throwing Message Intermediate Event (email) that met the following conditions as of version 13.0
      • Has reference to File-type Data Item
      • Has reference to (In-app) Variable
    • (*) Added support for attaching files without embedding File-type Data Items in the body text (Ver. 13.1) with automatic replacement of settings
  • What will occur
    • In-app variable reference ($ {var [variable name]}) was expanded to the variable value (character string) at the time of version upgrade to 13.1 and the setting was overwritten
    • In the released version of the workflow App, the Process behavior does not change before and after the setting has been overwritten
    • Please pay attention in the following cases
      • When executing a debug process, if you specify a profile different from the production the expected behavior will be different (the behavior will be the same as production)
      • When releasing an application after changing its settings (definitions), only the value of the variable is changed without noticing that the variable has been expanded


  • Since it is impossible to restore the overwritten settings all at once, if you need reference it using in-app variables, please respecify the variable reference expression ($ {var [variable name]}) at each settings location.
  • Workflow Apps that may have been affected by this bug are the following as of version 13.2.1 (December 2021).
    • Variables are defined in [Variable Settings] in the App
    • There is a reference to a File-type Data Item in the settings of Throwing Message Intermediate Event (email)

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