This problem has been recovered already.

Some of the customers of Questetra BPM Suite SaaS Edition could not login the service during the period of between 13:42 and 14:06 on 6th of December 2019 [JST], for the occurrence of access trouble. We deeply apologize to the customers for your inconvenience.

Trouble Date

  • Occurred: 2019-12-06 13:42 [UTC +9:00]
    • 2019-12-06 04:42 [UTC]
  • Recovered: 2019-12-06 14:06 [UTC +9:00] (24m)
    • 2019-12-06 05:06 [UTC]

What Occurred

SIn the environment of a specific customer who is using Business Plan (paid version), the server load increased hence it became difficult to access the site since around 13:42.

Cause of Trouble

Multiple high-load processes occurred and occupied server resources


Recovered from a high load state due to interruption and termination of processing for a long time

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