Hi there!
On this page I’d like to introduce some tips to make modeling a little easier.

If there are many Tasks (called Human Tasks) or Data Items it is quite difficult to set the data editing permissions. If you set them on the properties screen of an individual Task or on the edit screen of each Data Item, that might cause an oversight and some problems with the overall consistency.

One of the methods for dealing with this is; BPM Suite has a feature to bulk update data editing permissions with a single TSV file (in the upper right menu). Since it’s a TSV file, you can edit it in Excel and upload it.

When you open a TSV file in Excel, a list of numbers is shown like in the following picture. However, the list looks complicated, so it is necessary to edit it.

So, if you make changes you can distinguish each number with colors in Excel.

In the above picture, I use Conditional Formatting, one of the features in Excel. Also, you can download a colored Excel file from the link below.
*There are 200 color Columns and 100 color Rows in the file. You can also copy and paste to expand the range.

You just open the downloaded TSV file in Excel and paste it into this colored file. You can create a TSV file to upload by saving it in the “Text (Tab Delimited) File” format.

You can also upload TSV files by changing the order of the Tasks. If you shift the Tasks in the upstream to the left and shift the ones in the downstream to the right, you can perform an edit considering the consistency between Tasks.

I hope this is helpful to you.