Release Overview

Date Release

  • SaaS Edition : Mon. Sep. 5th, 2016
  • Download Edition : None

Changes to be Noted

  • In [ Message Intermediate Event] and [APIs for Task processing (/API/PE/Workitem/Form/save)], change the specifications of behavior related to Select type data item (Checkbox) and File type data item
    • Value of Select type (Checkbox)/ File type to be maintained when the permission setting is “Editable”, and the corresponding parameter is not transmittedす
    • In the current specification, value is cleared
    • This is for the unification of behavior to meet with other Data types which is to maintain value if not sending parameter
    • Unifying in “to maintain value if not sending parameter” and “to clear value if sending blank value parameter”
  • Check out also the plans of changes in future versions at [Plans of Future Changes] the bottom of this page.

Details for Version 11.1

Normal User


  • In screens of Task Operating or Process details, Table type data item to be opened in a new window
  • Forcible allocation or Delegation of a Task to be notified at notification on screen (numeric icon at top right)
  • Fixed following Bugs:
    • After filtering down by Category upon Process Start, filtering will be dismissed after operating the first Task
    • Value of Date type data item is entered according to the time zone setting of User when clicking on the [Now] button on the Task Operation Screen for Smartphone
      • Date type data item behaves in accordance to the System time zone, so it will be corrected so that to follow the System time zone

Open Chat (Task Feed) / Dashboard / Account Setting

  • Change in Open Chat, to acquire a new message by 20 each
  • Give a limit in Open Chat, to number of characters in Link attachment (URL) up to 250 characters
  • Give a limit in Open Chat, to the total number of attachment of Files, Links, Stickers, up to 10 per one post
  • Fixed following Bugs:
    • Cannot download File attachment on Open Chat on Smartphone

Process Owner (Workflow Administrator)

  • None

Workflow Designer

  • In [ Message Intermediate Event] and [APIs for Task processing (/API/PE/Workitem/Form/save)], change the specifications of behavior related to Select type data item (Checkbox) and File type data item
    • Value of Select type (Checkbox)/ File type to be maintained when the permission setting is “Editable”, and the corresponding parameter is not transmitted
    • In the specification before, value was cleared
  • In [URL/Parameter Detail] of [Message Start Event (HTTP)], change in description of URL to capable of including some of parameters
  • Added an option for not involving value of Process Data in [ Email Notification] from Questetra
    • Set in [Edit Property] screen of each Process Model
    • All the versions and all the Human Tasks will be the subject of this
  • Change in the color of cursor icon and focused item in Process Modeler (Process Model Editing screen)
  • Improved the layouts of Process Data Items setting screen in Process Modeler (Process Model Editing screen)
    • Balance of left and right screen become adjustable
    • Interface for [Add Item] has been moved to left side
  • Fixed following Bugs:
    • Cannot import an Archive of a Process Model if it contains symbols of “$” or “¥” in Variables Setting
    • Cannot finish a Task processing if the Process Model is adopted [Advanced Layouts], and corresponding Date type, DateTime type Data items have not been embedded on the layout (div element does not exist) despite they are set as “Editable”
    • Cannot understand where an error exists from the error message when the limitation of number of characters (maximum 256 characters) on [Description] of Data Items setting in Process Modeler has been exceeded (Language setting of other than Japanese)
    • An error is contained in the supplementary explanation in SEND Parameter Settings of [Throwing Message Intermediate Event]
    • In an Error Notification Email for [Debug Process Execution], its version is indicated as “-2”
      • Corrected to be indicated as “D”
    • Upon uploading [ Process Model File] to overwrite existing file, a Size-exceeding Error may occur despite the total size is less than 100MB
    • Japanese Characters Not Displayed Clearly on Process Model Editing Screen on [Chrome for Windows]

Data Editing Permission Setting

  • Renewed [Data edit permission at all steps] feature
    • Change in the name as [Data editing permission]
    • Enable setting change or collective configuration specifying certain Tasks and Events, or Data item
    • Enable collective setting by importing CSV (TSV) file
    • Enable exporting current setting in CSV (TSV) file
    • Repealed the setting function in the interface before

Select type Data Item

  • Enable “Search select” to set Parent-child relationship with other Select type data item
  • Enable “Search select” to search even though no character is entered to search strings (number of character: 0)
  • Give an upper limitation of number to “Search select” to display as the search result (up to 100)
  • Also it is limited up to 100 to display when search into Options Master XML in [(Common) Process Model file]
    • Download the XML file to see the entire file
  • Fixed following Bugs:
    • When symbol characters such as “[” were used in the file name upon registering Options master, the Options will not be displayed
      • Characters that makes this trouble: ” % < > [ ¥ ] ^ ` { | }

MessageStart Event (Email)

  • Error Notification email to be sent when Out of memory error occurred in receiving server
  • Enable to receive part of emails of which attachment violates MIME type restriction
  • Fixed following Bugs:
    • A Process might Start without incorporating the attachment
      • Revised not to Start Process when could not process the attachment

Throwing Message Intermediate Event (Email)

  • Enable to transmit emails in which Subject and Body is blank
  • Give an upper limitation of number of specifying email destination (To/Cc/Bcc) (Up to 100 in total)
    • When specifying destination by String type data item , etc., each of email address is to be counted

Throwing Message Intermediate Event (HTTP)

  • Setting of HTTP request in application/json format in HTTP Method to be judged as an error
    • This function is deprecated in Version 11.2
    • Please change to “Specify Request Body”, and specify in “Request Body” tab
  • Gave limitations to Access URL and Custom HTTP header, etc.
    • Access URL: 10000 characters
    • Custom HTTP header: Up to 1000 characters in the converted format to HTTP header, up to 10 in total.
    • Basic authentication: Up to 500 characters in total of User name and Password

Script Task / Service Task (Add-on)

  • Specification changes and addition al functions
    • Extended Timeout to 30 seconds from 5 seconds
    • Enable posting to Open Chat
    • Enable transmitting HTTP request
      • Up to 10 requests per one Script Task
    • Enable to send emails
      • Same restrictions as [Throwing Message Intermediate Event (Email)], Number of destinations (100), Attachment file size (5MB), etc.
      • Up to 10 transmission processing per one Script Task
    • Enable acquisition of metadata of file attached in File type data item
      • File name, Content-Type, File size (bytes)
    • Enable acquisition of Main Organization of a User
  • Added [Service Task (Add-on)]
    • Addition of Auto-Step (Service Task) is available now by uploading Definition file (XML)
    • You can create a Definition file based on the description (codes) within a Script Task
    • Up to 10 definition files for a Process Model to be uploaded

System Administrator

  • Prohibit Passwords that are the same as email address
    • Passwords that already set will not be checked. Please inform Users for changing.
  • The units of the vertical axis of the File repository usage transition graph in [System Summary] fixed to GB
  • Speeding-up the processing of Login and API accessing
  • Fixed following Bugs:
    • Auto-deletion of Process upon [Debug execution] is not recorded in Process logs
  • ([Will be enabled in future release version of Download Edition] Email transmission processing is not performed if “” was not set (blank setting) in the configuration file of “qbpms.config”)

System Engineer

  • Accessing of Developer APIs corresponds to OAuth 2.0
    • “Authorization Code” grant type only
      • Corresponding to two types of “all” and “readonly”. Cannot access to Data updating API when it is “readonly” type.
    • OAuth 1.0 will be deprecated in the future version

Application / Use Environment / System Platform

  • Disable the Keep-Alive setting in HTTP communication transmitted from the Questetra
  • Version upgrading of Rhino script engine to from 1.7R5
  • Changed the supported version of Android to “a version that supports Google Chrome latest version”
    • As of Version 10.4.6 release, Kitkat (4.4) or a later version (4.4 / 5.0 / 6.0 / 7.0)


Plans of Future Changes

We are planning to alter the following specifications and system platform in the future versions.

Due Version.11.2

  • In [Throwing Message Intermediate Event (HTTP)], HTTP request in ‘application/json’ format (POST / PUT / PATCH) will be abolished
    • Please change the settings using the feature that has been added in Version 10.4, which is capable of sending HTTP request (POST / PUT / PATCH), specifying any part of Content-Type / Body
  • In [Throwing Message intermediate Event (HTTP)], we will change specification that if the value of “Title” is blank, it will exclude from sending parameter
    • Unification with other Process data items
    • Although it was scheduled to be supported in Version 11.1, postponed to Version 11.2
  • Will delete the following deprecated APIs in Membership Setting APIs
    • /API/UGA/Membership/listByQgroup (Retrieving all Members of an Organization)
    • /API/UGA/Membership/listByQuser (Retrieving all Organizations for a User)
    • Please use “/API/User/Membership/listByQgroup”, “/API/User/Membership/listByQuser” which have added on and after Ver. 10.1

Version to be scheduled

  • Accessing to Developer APIs in OAuth 1.0 will be abolished
    • Please change to connection using OAuth 2.0, which is available since version 11.1


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