Submit Print Jobs via Google Cloud Print Service

Prints files attached as workflow data (via Google Cloud Print).

Data Input

  • C’: Files stored in the Data Item selected at config C

Service Output

  • File group C’ will be printed out by the printer specified at B


  • All the files attached in the File type Data Item are printed
  • File data in various formats can be printed, such as PDF, Docx
  • A time lag of several to 30 seconds may occur before receiving a print job
  • It is necessary to add a printer in the “chrome://devices/” in advance and acquire the printer ID (B)
    • “Cloud compatible printer” may not be displayed in “new device” in “chrome://devices/” if it is registered with someone else’s account.
    • “Conventional printers” (cloud non-compatible) will perform printing when the power to the host PC is turned on.
  • It is necessary to acquire “client ID” and “client secret” of OAuth 2 communication at “Google Developers Console” beforehand.
  • OAuth 2 communication must have been registered and authorized (allowed) on the details screen of the Workflow App
  • Print options are set in “Cloud Job Ticket” (CJT).
    • If not specified, it will be printed with the default setting of the printer(CJT= {“version”: “1.0”, “print”: {}} )
    • Duplex printing = {“version”:”1.0″,”print”:{“vendor_ticket_item”:[],”duplex”:{“type”:”LONG_EDGE”}}}
    • 2 copies printing = {“version”:”1.0″,”print”:{“vendor_ticket_item”:[],”color”:{“type”:”STANDARD_MONOCHROME”},”copies”:{“copies”: 2}}}
  • It is also possible to set values to the Config item “Printer ID” or “CJT printing option ” referring to Workflow data by setting Expression Language (e.g. “#{data [‘1’]}”)
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