Google Group Members Retrieve
Retrieves Google Group members (email address) list. By checking group members (ML members) on a regular basis, ML management becomes easier. It also helps to prevent e-mail transmission to unnecessary members or leaving out intended recipients from information sharing.
2017 © Questetra, Inc. (MIT License)
  • A: Set OAuth2 Config Name (at [OAuth 2.0 Setting]) *#{EL}
  • B: Select STRING for Group Address (Non-existent Error) *
  • C: Select STRING DATA for Email list of members (update) *
  • X: Select STRING DATA for Access Log (update)


  • GoogleGroup-membersRetrieve.xml
    • Since Rhino (deprecated) is specified as the script engine, a setting error will occur even if you install this in a workflow App
    • To use this Add-on, you need to change the script engine and modify the script accordingly
    • A modified version is in preparation



  • You need to Enable [Admin SDK Directory API] at Google Developers Console beforehand and obtain “Client ID” and “Client secret”
  • On G Suite domain administration screen, authorize “Client ID” and its communication scope

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