Single Value from a JSON object using JSONPath

Extracts an arbitrary value from the JSON text stored in a String type Data Item and sets it to another String type Data Item or Numeric type Data Item. It can be used for e.g. extracting necessary data from JSON received by Webhook feature. JsonPath is used to specify the value.

Data Input

  • A’: Text stored in the Data Item selected at A
  • B’: Text stored in the Data Item selected at B

Service Output

  • The data (Value) specified by JsonPath B’ is stored in the data item selected at C


  • When JSONPath indicates multiple values (array value), the first value is set
  • When character information is stored as Numeric type data, it conforms to the specification of parseFloat ()
    (“+ 3.14”: 3.14, “314e-2”: 3.14, “090”: 90, “2016-12-23”: 2016, ‘start with character’: 0)
  • It is desirable that JSONPath Syntax is tested with sample data beforehand
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