Launching the Start event specified by each line data of tab delimited format data (TSV) and stores the communication log.

Data Input

  • E’: TSV text stored in the Data Item selected at E

Service Output

  • Kicks the start event specified in ABCD with each line data of TSV data E’
  • Communication log will be stored in the Data Item selected at config X


  • TSV text can be entered by copying and pasting the cells of Excel, etc.
  • The maximum line number of TSV text (= the number of Processes to be started at once) is limited to 10
  • Because of the characteristic of TSV, you cannot substitute String type Data with line feed code and checkbox type Select type data etc.
  • Eliminate thousands delimiter of Numeric type data, Select type data is specified by ID, User type is specified by Email address, Organization type is specified by organization name
  • It is required to set [Field Name] (e.g. “q_foo”) in the Data Item setting of destination in advance