Data Item: File-Type

Displays a button for selecting and uploading files which are then stored in the input form. It is possible to store multiple files.

Configs: Common
  • Item Name
  • Field Name *
  • Data Type
  • Description
    • Correct Errors and Format
  • Note
  • Columns
    • 1
    • 2
    • 4
Configs: File (File-Type)
  • Required
  • Minimum number of files
  • Maximum number of files
  • Maximum value of total file size


Settings Screen

Input Screen


  • To input / edit data items, the editing authority in the task must be set to “Editable”
  • The maximum file size that can be uploaded at one time is limited to 100 MB
  • Multiple files can be selected simultaneously (Chrome/Firefox/IE11)
  • In addition to uploading manually, it can also store attachments received via Message Start Events, files downloaded using Service Tasks, etc.
  • Stored files can be attached to auto-sending emails or be uploaded to external web storage
  • The following operations can be performed on the stored files on the Operating screen/details screen
    • Thumbnail (JPEG / PNG / GIF / WebP / SVG / TIFF / AVIF) : Click to open preview screen
    • pageview (Show) : If the file is text/HTML/PDF, a preview is displayed in a new tab
    • cloud_download (Download) : Save the file to your device
    • add_to_drive (Save to Google Drive) : Save the file to your Google Drive
    • delete (Delete) : Appears only on Operating screens that are Editable and deletes the file
  • Depending on the contract Edition, there is an upper limit on the file capacity that can be saved in the workflow platform
    • Basic:5GB × number of Users
    • Advanced:15GB × number of Users
    • Professional:30GB × number of Users
  • If the total file capacity reaches the license limit, there are the following restrictions:
    • Unable to start new process
    • Unable to upload a new file

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