Preparing an easy-to-understand input form is important for the Operator to efficiently enter data without hesitation. In Questetra, when you define the Data items, you can enter an input example or notes in the Description field and have them displayed in the input form.
Since you can set HTML and JavaScript as well as plain text in the Description field, various things that enhance business efficiency such as emphasising business precautions, displaying URLs to related sites, and displaying counters for the number of input characters, etc. can be realised.

In the previous version, there were no restrictions on the HTML tags and attributes that were available in the Description field. Therefore, app designers were free to write HTML at their own risk, which allowed deprecated HTML tags to be used or displayed unintentionally.
For more safe use, Ver. 12.2 will limit the HTML tags and attributes that are available in the Description field and will enhance the checks on the setting contents.

For more information about the HTML tags and attributes that can be set in the Description field, you can see the following Reference page:

Notes when you handle errors

When you upgrade to Ver. 12.2, the settings in the Description field of all Workflow Apps will be checked. As a result, Apps containing invalid HTML tags or attributes will result in an error. An email of error notification will be sent to the Users who have App Administrator Authorization, so please modify the App.

If invalid HTML tags are used in running Apps, they will still be displayed in the input form and there will be no error or automatic elimination at the time of execution. However, Apps containing errors are not allowed to update to a new version, so please check the errors when you edit the App settings.

We have prepared a Correct Errors and Format button on the settings screen of the Description field. The button automatically updates the content without errors, which basically means it just removes any HTML tags or attributes that are not available. We are afraid there may be many cases where the change will not display as intended, so we recommend that you modify each individually.
If you cannot find the cause of the error, you should compare the contents before and after clicking the Correct Errors and Format button to help you find the target error.

These errors will occur in Ver. 12.2. If you can identify HTML tags that will no longer be available, we would appreciate it if you change the settings in advance.

Examples of invalid and correct HTML descriptions

We have prepared some examples of invalid and correct HTML descriptions. Please refer to the HTML descriptions for modification purposes.

<input type="button" value="Button label" onclick="doClick();">
<button type="button" onclick="doClick();">Button label</button>
<button type="button" accesskey="b">Automatic input(<u>B</u>)</button>
<button type="button" >Automatic input</button>
<font color="blue">Display in blue</font>
<span style="color: blue;">Display in blue</span>

<font size="6">Display in bigger letters</font>
<span style="font-size: xx-large;">Display in bigger letters</span>
<del>Display strikethrough </del>
<span style=" text-decoration: line-through;">Display strikethrough</span>
<div align="center">Display paragraphs in centering</div>
<div style="text-align: center;">Display paragraphs in centering</div>
<div id="error" role="alert">role attribute is invalid</div>
<div id="error">role attribute is invalid</div>
<div><span>HTML segment is incorrect</div></span>
<div><span>HTML segment is correct</span></div>

<span>Tags are not closed
<span>Tags are closed</span>
<!-- Comment is not available -->
<table border="1" style="border-collapse: collapse;">
table.table-bdr {
    border-collapse: collapse;
table.table-bdr th,
table.table-bdr td {
    border: 1px solid #000000;

<table class="table-bdr">

We know it’s a big ask for all Administrators of Workflow Apps, so thank you for your cooperation.

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