Release Overview

Date Release

Details for Version 11.2.1

Normal User


  • [All Processes] menu indicate the list of Processes started in the last month.
    • Change the search conditions “Start Date” from unspecified to previous month

Workflow Designer

Application / Use Environment / System Platform

  • Performance tuning due to the upgrade to PostgreSQL 9.5


Plans of Future Changes

We are planning to alter the following specifications and system platform in the future versions.

Due Version.11.3

  • Will delete the following deprecated APIs in “Membership Setting API”
    • /API/UGA/Membership/listByQgroup (Retrieving all Members of an Organization)
    • /API/UGA/Membership/listByQuser (Retrieving all Organizations for a User)
    • Respectively, please use ‘/API/User/Membership/listByQgroup’, ‘/API/User/Membership/listByQuser’ which have been added since version 10.1
    • These are postponed to version 11.3, though they were scheduled to be deleted at version 11.2
  • In Internet Explorer 8 and earlier, you will not be able to use Questetra (will not work)
    • Versions earlier than Internet Explorer 8 are already unsupported. Please use versions listed on System Requirements

Version to be scheduled

  • Accessing to Developer APIs in OAuth 1.0 will be abolished
    • Please change to connection using OAuth 2.0, which is available since version 11.1
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