Release Overview

Date Release

Changes to be Noted

  • In accessing Questetra, unnormalized URL (such as consecutive slashes, etc.) will be prohibited.
  • [Advance Notice] Change the specification so that script execution errors will occur if there is anything other than the character string in elements in the List specified to Select type Data Item. (Winter 2018)
  • Check out also the plans of changes in future versions [Plans of Future Changes] at the bottom of this page.

Details for Version 11.8

Changes of Functions for Normal User

  • Corresponded so that a general user cannot [Terminate] or [Deleted] the Process if there is a Team Task which another user is in charge of Operating
  • Expanded the maximum length of link URLs that can be attached to Open Chat posts (to 1000 characters)
  • Changed updating method and its frequency for the displaying number of Issues and the notification so that improve performance
    • Changed not to update the number of Issues and the notification at the background while the displaying browser tab is not active
    • Changed not to perform periodic updating [This Month] and [Last month] of “Performance check”
  • Fixed following Bugs:
    • Scrollbar is always displayed on pages where no menu is displayed, such as Web form by “Message Start Event (Form)”
    • Questetra’s screen cannot be displayed on version 68 and later of Chrome while using the extension “Questetra My Tasks”
    • When uploading a file, the error message for size exceeded may not be appropriate

Changes of Functions for Process Owner (Workflow Administrator)

  • none

Changes of Functions for Workflow Designer

  • Fixed following Bugs:
    • When “Advanced layout” is applied, prefix/suffix in Numeric type Data Item is not displayed
    • No error message is displayed even attempting to execute [Debug execution] while setting error has remained
    • In [Data edit permission] on the Data Item setting screen, Boundary Events are highlighted
    • Even if input check (maximum number of files etc) is set to File type Data Item on the Data Item setting screen, example sentence entered in “Description” is not displayed
    • There remains an old expression of “editing version”/”activated” in the English message

App property

  • Corresponded so that “Summary/Note for App Administrator” is displayed in multiple lines
  • Corresponded so that “Summary” of the App is displayed on screen of details of “Start” new Process

Process log

  • Process version of Debug execution is indicated with “D”
  • Fixed following Bugs:
    • Process logs are displayed in English on the Process details page despite the user has set Japanese in the language setting

Manage Add-on

  • Corresponded so that calculating the hash and display it when selecting files to upload
  • Corresponded to hold/display the hash of registered Add-on file
  • Corresponded so that it will be validation error when attempting to overwrite the same file
    • Files with the same size/hash, also the same user who registered/Note
  • Change “Note” from single line to multiple lines
  • Separated the manipulation flow of new registration and overwriting of Add-on files
  • Corresponded so that Add-ons are listed in separate pages by each type
  • Fixed following Bugs:
    • If you upload a file that exceeds the system limit (100 MB), a system error will result

Workflow Diagram

  • Fixed following Bugs:
    • Swimlanes are determined to be in a selected state by mousing over to the lower edge or right edge, and it will be deleted with the Delete button
    • If the Swimlane’s name is empty, it will result in a validation error, yet it is possible to Release
    • When there is a boundary event, the lateral interval with other nodes may become too close

Receive Task (Webhook/Form)

  • “Receive Task (Webhook/Form)” now supports “Timer Boundary Event”
    • It becomes able to set a deadline time, and it proceeds forward at the deadline
  • In “Receive Task (Form)”, correspond so that it is possible to specify the page (URL) to transition after completing the form transmission
  • In “Receive Task (Webhook/Form)” and “Catching Message Intermediate Event (HTTP)”, corresponded so that it is possible to determine as an error when the token does not exist in the target node if “processModelInfoId / processInstanceId / nodeNumber / apiKey” was correct.

Service Task (Data assignment)

  • Corresponded so that Date type Data Item can be converted to DateTime type Data Item using “getFirstTimeInDate()”
  • In “Service Task (Data assignment)”, etc. enhanced EL expression validation (input check)
  • Fixed following Bugs:
    • If the save destination of the result is a Select type Data Item, a select box for inserting a reference to the data is displayed and able to select a Data Item
      • Copying of the values of other Data Items is not supported currently, so it will not work even if refer to

Script Task

  • In the script execution engine “Nashorn”, corresponded to the following contents
    • Corresponded so that it can be overwritten with a Javascript array when setting values for Select/File type Data Items
      • Changed so that it matches with the behavior in Rhino
    • Improved the message on script execution error
  • Set an upper limit on the number of characters of a script (100,000 characters)
  • Corresponded so that character string can be parsed into Date/DateTime data using “java.text.SimpleDateFormat”
    • Added “java.util.Date” to available Java classes
  • Corresponded so that an error occurs if there is a null element in the List specified in a Select type Data Item
  • [Advance Notice] Change the specification so that script execution errors will occur if there is anything other than the character string in elements in the List specified to Select type Data Item
    • In File type Data Item, corresponded so that it becomes the same behavior since if there is something other than the file (QfileView, NewQfile) in the List, a script execution error will result
  • Fixed error message in English
  • Fixed following Bugs:
    • In “Service Task (Google Drive)” “Script Task/Service Task (Add-on)”, no error will occur even if an Error Boundary Event has set and normal output flow was not set from it

Service Task (Add-on)

  • On the Config screen, corresponded so that it is possible to specify a config item to select a user
  • On the Config screen, corresponded so that [Use variable] button is not displayed when there is no Config item of Text field/Text area
  • Added <last-modified> element to definition file
  • Fixed following Bugs:
    • A dot is displayed on the icon of Item in the Workflow Diagram on the Process detail screen when an icon image is not set in the definition file (IE 11 / Edge)
    • An error may occur at the time of script execution if there is a Config item of a text field in which an EL expression is available

Throwing Message Intermediate Event (HTTP)

  • In the custom HTTP header, added “Accept” to the allow list

Changes of Functions for System Administrator

  • In accessing Questetra, corresponded so that unnormalized URL (such as consecutive slashes, etc.) will be prohibited
  • Added an option to create a new user without entering a password
    • The added user resets the password from the login screen and logs in
  • Enhanced the check method for email address format
  • Fixed following Bugs:
    • In the [Logo] menu, the [Restore Default] button is not displayed if a validation error occurred in “Logo (Large)”
    • Apps in which “Service Task (Options master)” is referring to Master file are not included in the result of [Show apps referring to this add-on] in [Master file of Choice type data item] of [App-shared add-on]

Changes of Functions for System Engineer

  • Added API “/API/User/SystemAuthority/self” which is to inquire about System Administrator authority possessed by itself
  • Updated the client library created by Swagger Codegen (API Client Library for Java) (11.7.0 -> 11.8.0)
  • Fixed following Bugs:
    • Described as “Querying for Task records” in “/API/ProcessInstance/list” in [Workflow API] < [API manual]
    • An unexpected error in API access, the response code will be “200” and the page of “Sorry Error Occurred” may be returned
      • Corresponded so that 500 error will be returned

Non-functional Changes and Changes of External tool Functions

  • Fixed following Bugs:
    • Processing of part of API requests may continue despite the upper limit of time has set for the connection to the database


Plans of Future Changes

We are planning to alter the following specifications and system platform in the future versions.

Schedule for 2018

  • In “Script Task”, change the specification so that script execution errors will occur if there is anything other than the character string in elements in the List specified to Select type Data Item (Winter 2018)
    • In File type Data Item, corresponded so that it becomes the same behavior since if there is something other than the file (QfileView, NewQfile) in the List, a script execution error will result
  • For “Throwing Message Intermediate Event (HTTP)”, the variable ${var[key]} is now deprecated (Winter 2018)
    • The key can now be freely set for the calling “Message Start/ Catching Message Intermediate Event (HTTP)”. Please set appropriate key considering security etc.
    • When sending the key parameter, do not use ${var[key]} and specify a fixed value set for each event
    • A warning will display on Apps in which “$ {var [key]}”is used. Even though it will work with the current setting until it is discontinued, when you upgrade the application, you need to change it so as not to use “$ {var [key]}”

Schedule for 2019

  • For “Message Start Event (HTTP / Form)”, “Catching Message Itermediate Event (HTTP)”, we will abolish the following form of URL which includes processModelInfoId / nodeNumber / key in the request parameter (2019)
    • Deprecated format
      • /System/Event/MessageStart/start?processModelInfoId=123&nodeNumber=0
      • /System/Event/IntermediateMessage/receive?processModelInfoId=123&nodeNumber=4
      • /System/Event/MessageStartForm/view?processModelInfoId=123&nodeNumber=1&key=XXXYYYZZZ
    • New recommended format (Ver. 11.4 or later)
      • /System/Event/MessageStart/123/0/start
      • /System/Event/IntermediateMessage/123/4/receive
      • /System/Event/MessageStartForm/123/1/XXXYYYZZZ/view
  • In the “Script task” and “Service task (Add-on)”, we will abolish data retrieving / updating method of the following format. (2019)
    • Retrieving:data.get(“1”), Updating:retVal.put(“1”, “foobar”)
    • Please change to the new format (Ver. 11.4 or later) such as engine.findDataByNumber(1), engine.setDataByNumber(1, “foobar”) (M230)
  • In APIs of “Querying for all Process Instances records” and “Querying for Task records operated by the User”, it will be changed to explicitly designate as display items to include process data items as search results (2019)
    • Currently, Process Data Items specified as search criteria are automatically included in search results
    • After the specification change, only the Process Data Items which <view /> element is specified will be included in the search results
  • App archives that have been created in about 3 years ago and before will be out of support. (2019)
    • App archives created in 2016 will be supported until 2019, in 2017 will be so until 2020. (always the past 3 years will be supported)
    • App archive that is out of supported cannot be imported


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