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This post is a revised edition of the previous post.

This is a continuation of the following article regarding the usage of the Receive Task (Form) that appeared in version 11.7.

How to Utilize Receive Task (Form) – Email Address Verification through Webform Application

The Workflow App we created in the above post works as follows.

  • #1, Have an applicant input an email address at the Message Star Event (Form)
  • #2, Send an email to the email address entered at #1 to inform of the URL in #3
  • #3, Let the applicant input the rest of information in the Receive Task (Form)
  • #4, The Human Task is an extra

There is no deadline on the third Step. Even though it is difficult to guess the URL of the third Step, the risk of being attacked is increased if it does not have a deadline. It is better to set the deadline even for the sake of subsequent work. So, we are going to use the deadline feature which appeared in version 11.8.

First, we’ll set up the Data Items. Add a Data Item that represents the deadline and set the the initial value as 7 days after the Process start time.

Data Item Name Number Data-type Required Start Event
Receive Task
Human Task
Title Only display
Email address 0 String type
single line
Yes Editable Only display Only display
Name 1 String type
single line
Yes Editable Only display
Form key 2 String type
single line
Only display
Initial value

Deadline 3 Datetime type Only display
Initial value


Next, modify the configuration of the Receive Task (Form). The Data editing permissions are as in the above table of Data Items. Set 7 days from the start of the process as the deadline date.

String type Data Item with the API key Data Item “Form key”
Page URL on Submit Leave blank

After changing the settings of the Receive Task (Form) modify the Workflow Diagram as follows.

When you set the deadline a Timer Boundary Event appears on the Receive Task (Form) icon. During the actual processing the Receive Task (Form) is forcibly terminated when the deadline time is reached and the token moves to the Timer Boundary Event. Since the token moves from the Timer Boundary Event to the End Event, the process instance ends at that point. When the Receive Task (Form) is completed by the deadline time, the token moves to the Confirm Task.

Modify the body of the Email that is sent at the Throw Event as well. It is necessary to tell the deadline to the person who first input their email address. That person has no way of knowing the deadline other than by receiving an email.

${[Email address:0]}
Subject Thank you for applying
Please access the following URL and input the rest of your information.

${var[applicationRoot]}/System/ReceiveTask/Form/84/2/(Process ID)/(Form key)/view

The deadline time is as follows.


That’s all for the revisions this time.

Compared with the previous post the settings have become much simpler.

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