Release Overview

Release Date

Changes to be Noted

  • A Workflow App that uses the [Advanced Layout] feature will result in an app setting error.
  • The [Debug Execution] button will not be displayed on the App details screen.
  • The old design interface will not be available on the Process Start list screen.
  • Check out the plans for changes in future versions [Plans of Future Changes] at the bottom of this page.

Details for Version 13.2

Changes of Functions for All Users


  • An indicator indicating that processing is in progress, such as when submitting a form or when transitioning to a screen is now displayed
    • Button operation is not possible while the indicator is displayed
  • Removed the [Previous Version] button (at the bottom of the screen) on the Process Start list screen
  • Changed the design and interface of the Error list screen (changed the JavaScript library)
  • Improved the performance of character string searches (partial match search) in Process/Task search
  • Integrated [This Month]/[Last Month] menu into [Your Performance]
  • Changed the design and interface of the list display in [Your Performance], [Organizational Performance], and [Heatmap] (Changed the JavaScript library)
  • Improved the graph display such as in [My Tasks] and [Heat Map]
    • Changed the tooltip display
  • Fixed the following Bugs:
    • If you fail to log in with your Google account, the error message will be displayed incorrectly
    • When you open the Operating screen of one Task while multiple Tasks are selected in [My Tasks], and you click [Quit without Save], the Task Operations will be consecutive even though it is not in the Sequential mode


  • Changed the interface for selecting a workflow App (changed the JavaScript library)

Changes of Functions for Workflow Designer

  • Removed the [Debug Execution] button from the App details screen
    • Start a Debug Execution from the property screen of the Start Event
  • The display of the App Details screen is now sped up
  • Changed to remove “Service Task” from the name of the Modeling elements (BPMN Icons)
    • Service Task (Data Assignment) -> Update Data
    • Service Task (Choices Update) -> Update Choices
    • Service Task (PDF Generation) -> Generate PDF File
  • Fixed the following Bugs:
    • In the Apps list, an unauthorized App can be clicked
    • The message “You have successfully changed properties of the App” may not be displayed after editing the properties of an App

Concerning all Editions (Basic/Advanced/Professional)  

Data Items

  • Changed the input interface of User/Organization-type Data items (changed the JavaScript library)
    • Supports both selecting from organizational tree and filtering by character input (candidate display)
      • User-type: Integrated the form type
      • Organization-type: Supports filtering by character input
    • The new interface will not be available if the (deprecated) Advanced Layout is used
      • The interface is provided according to the Form Type setting
  • The interface is provided according to the Form Type setting
  • The Field Name is automatically set according to the input Item Name
    • If the Field Name is empty, a name will be set automatically according to the Item Name upon closing the window
    • You can freely change the automatically set Field Name to a name of your choice that follows the naming convention
    • This is not applied to sub-data items of a Table-type Data Items
  • Published the Form Javascript APIs that can be used on the Operating form screen
    • It can be used for decoration by the HTML/Javascript in the Description field of a Data Item
    • It works on the webforms of the Human Task, the Start Event (Form), and the Receive Task (Form)
    • Capable of getting value from or setting a value to an input field
      • Available in Title/String/Numeric/Select (checkbox, radio-button, select)-type Data Items
      • Scheduled to be applied also to other Data-types in the future
    • Event handlers can be registered/deleted
      • ready event: Fires when the form screen is displayed
      • change event: Fires when the value in the input field is changed
    • When defining HTML id attributes or Javascript functions, use a name starting with ‘user_’
      • Since a name starting with ‘user_’ is not used in Questetra on its own, the definition by users does not conflict with existing elements, etc.

Throwing Message Intermediate Event (email)

  • Increased the maximum character limit in settings to 100,000 characters from 10,000

Update Data (formerly Service Task (Data Assignment))

  • When getting the object of the sub-data item of a Table-type Data Item, the column index can now also be used to specify the column
    • Object ScriptListArray#getObject(int row, int col)
    • Object ScriptListRow#getObject(int col)
  • Added a function to escape JSON (# escaper.escapeJson ())

XOR/OR Gateway

  • Spring Expression Language (SpEL) is now available in Split Condition settings
    • It is now possible to define arbitrary conditional expressions in addition to the conventional conditional expressions to be selected
    • SpEL can also be used in Split settings in a Human Task
    • This is an advanced feature for engineers
    • e.g.: #q_string?.startsWith(‘[test]’), or #q_datetime < #now.addDays(-1)
  • “is equal to” or “is not equal to” can now be selected when the Select-type (checkbox) is specified in the Split Condition setting
    • Only one option is eligible


  • Changed the default value set in Swimlane name to ‘Operator’

Concerning Advanced/Professional  

Automatic processing Steps that cooperate with other cloud services

  • Added the following Auto-Steps (Service Tasks/Start Events)
    • Start: Gmail: Email Message Received
      • A new Process starts upon receiving an email
      • Google Workspace administrator must have allowed access from Questetra BPM Suite in security settings
      • Email addresses in the domain are not eligible
    • Gmail: Get Email Message
      • Gets the data in the email specified by ID, parses the body/attachment, etc., and saves them in the Data Items
    • Gmail: Remove Label from Email Message
      • Removes label from email specified by ID
    • Google BigQuery: Insert New Data
      • Adds one row of data to the table specified by table ID
    • Google Sheets: Add New Sheet
      • Adds a new sheet to Google Sheets
    • Google Sheets: Copy Sheet
      • Copies a sheet of Google Sheets to the same or another spreadsheet
    • Google Sheets: Update Row
      • Updates data in a specified row in Google Sheets
    • Google Sheets: Get Row
      • Gets the data from the specified row in Google Sheets
    • Box: Create Shared Link to File
      • Creates a shared link URL to access the files on Box
      • Also possible to set an expiration date and password
    • Box: Delete Shared Link of File
      • Deletes the specified shared link URL
  • Changed specifications, internal implementations or fixed bugs in the following automated processing Steps (Service Tasks)
    • Google Sheets: Append New Row
      • The line number of the added line can now be retrieved

Message Start Event (form)

  • Fixed the following Bugs:
    • When the Title item is set to No display, the display of the input field at the top breaks when the form is displayed

Concerning Professional  

Throwing Message Intermediate Event (HTTP)

  • Fixed the following Bugs:
    • When editing an App created in the past or importing an archive in the past, if numeric data with an unselected format is specified as a parameter, the display will be corrupted

Script Task/Service Task (Add-on)

  • When getting the object of the sub-data item of a Table-type Data Item, the column index can now also be used to specify the column
    • Object ScriptListArray#getObject(int row, int col)
    • Object ScriptListRow#getObject(int col)
  • Added a function to escape JSON
    • String StringEscapeUtilsWrapper#escapeJson(String input)

Advanced Layout

  • Workflow Apps with the Advanced Layout feature enabled now have an app setting error
    • Even though this will result in a Workflow App Definition error, it will not affect the behavior of the latest running version of the App or the behavior of the running Process (no error will occur when the Process is executed)
    • To release a new version of the App, the error must be fixed
    • The Advanced Layout feature will be discontinued in April 2022

Changes of Functions for System Administrators

  • In the Google Connectivity feature, you can now enable the Google integration function without setting the domain
    • If Google integration is enabled and there is a domain setting, it is the same as before
  • In the synchronization function with Google Workspace (collective setting of Users/Organizations/Roles), you can now specify a domain to be linked
  • Enhanced validation on CORS settings
    • If “*” is set in “Allowed Origin to send cross-origin requests” and “Allow sending credentials” is checked, a settings error will occur
  • In the interface for selecting an Organization, the [] button for selecting the main organization is now available
  • In the interface for selecting a User, the [] button for selecting oneself is now available
  • Fixed the following Bugs:
    • In the User selection interface, after selecting a User from the Organization tree, the [Apply and Close] button is still clickable even if the Organization is in focus

Changes of Functions for Questetra REST API Developer

  • Fixed the following Bugs:
    • Immediately after updating a member of an Organization using the API, if the affiliation to the organization is deleted, the Process Startable User may not be recalculated correctly
    • API responses such as process searches did not contain timezone information whose processInstanceEndDatetime format was different from other DateTime fields

Non-functional Changes and Changes of External tool Functions

  • none

Plans of Future Changes

We are planning to alter the following specifications and system platform in future versions.

Schedule for January 2022

  • In the settings for [Service Task (Data Assignment)] to update a String-type Data Item, reference expressions using data definition number will be discontinued
    • (Postponed from scheduled in October 2021)
  • To Include Process Data Items in search results, specify them explicitly as display items in the API to search All Process History and search all Tasks operated by the User
    • (Postponed from scheduled in October 2021)
    • Currently, Data Items specified as search conditions are automatically included in search results
    • After the specification change, only Data Items with the specified element will be included in the search results

Schedule for April 2022

  • Nashorn will be discontinued as a script engine for Script Tasks and Service Tasks (Add-on)
  • The Advanced Layout feature for customizing the Operating Form screens will be discontinued
  • The following APIs that add/remove Stars to Tasks will be discontinued
    • /API/OR/Workitem/Star/add
    • /API/OR/Workitem/Star/remove
  • In XML that specifies search conditions, the element workitem-starred that specifies whether a Task has been starred or not will be discontinued
    • Use the element starred to specify the presence or absence of Star in Process

Schedule for April 2023

  • The following APIs for retrieving My Tasks/Offered will be discontinued
    • My Tasks: /API/PE/Workitem/listAllocated
    • Offered: /API/PE/Workitem/listOffered

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