Release Overview

Release Date

Changes to be Noted

  • When updating String-type Data Items in Update Data, the data reference expression using the data definition number is discontinued
  • To display Data Items in the search result list in Process/Task search, it will be necessary to specify them explicitly in [Display items].
    • Until now, the Data Items specified in the filter conditions were always displayed in the list of search results, but from now on only the items specified in Display items will be displayed in the search results
    • The same applies to the APIs for [Querying for Process Instance records operated by the User] and [Querying for Task records operated by the User]
  • If Nashorn is used in the script engine of Script Tasks and Service Tasks (Add-on), an App settings error will occur
    • Does not affect the operation of running Apps
    • When releasing a new version of the App, please correct the error before [Release]
    • Nashorn will be discontinued in April 2022
  • Please check [Plans of Future Changes] for changes of note at the bottom of this page.

Details for Version Version 13.3.0

Changes of Functions for All Users


  • When setting up display columns in the [Start] list or [Process Log]/[System Log], you can now add/delete all items at once
  • The workflow diagram displayed on the Process Detail screen or Heatmap is now sized according to the screen width
    • Will not be sized to exceed the minimum/maximum size
    • The size is not adjusted when opened in a new window
  • In the Process Detail screen, even if the page is reloaded after switching to Administrator Mode, the state is maintained

Process/Task list

  • Changed the design and interface of the list screen (changed the JavaScript library)
  • The filter conditions applied in the list are now displayed at the top as a Chip component
  • In Process/Task search, the Data Item specified by the filter condition can be now hidden on the results list
    • Previously, the Data Item specified in the filter condition was always displayed in the search results list
    • On and after Version 13.3, only the items explicitly specified as display items will be displayed in the search results
    • APIs for Process/Task search behave similarly
    • The saved search conditions will be automatically converted upon upgrading to Version 13.3 so that the display will be the same as before
  • It will be easier to specify a relative date in specifying a date or date and time in a search condition
    • It is now possible to select and specify from the options as well as input using EL expressions
  • In the Task list, you can now sort by Process Start/End date and time
    • APIs for Task search are now capable of sorting
  • Change the sort order of the [Operated Tasks] list to the descending End time instead of the descending Offered time
  • In the Detail screen of a Process, the Operator list window showing Offered or Team Task candidates can now be closed by clicking outside the window rather than the [Close] button
  • Fixed the following Bugs:
    • On the list screen, if there is more than one Operator candidate for Offered or Team Tasks no one is displayed
    • In the task list, the Status will be empty in the case of an Error termination due to Tasks that have no Operators

Smart Phone screen

  • The workflow diagram is now displayed on the Process Detail screen
  • Fixed the following Bugs:
    • On the Process Detail screen, a URL in the String-type/Discussion-type Data Item is not a hyperlink

Open Chat

  • Fixed the following Bugs:
    • When executing a search, the indicator indicating that processing is in progress may not be cancelled and screen operations may not be possible

Changes of Functions for the Workflow Designer

  • The previous filter conditions, etc. are now retained even if you return to the App list screen after the [Release] of an App
  • Fixed the following Bugs:
    • In the workflow diagram displayed on the [New App from Archive] confirmation screen, some information is not displayed
      • Default flow or Flow Label is not displayed
      • Unable to determine the type of an Event or a Service Task
    • In the workflow diagram, the symbol (diagonal line) indicating the Default flow is not displayed

Concerning all Editions (Basic/Advanced/Professional)  

Update Data

  • The old format data reference expression using the data definition number when updating the String-type Data Item is discontinued
    • Data reference expressions that do not use Field Names and use Data Item numbers, such as #{data [’10’]}, will no longer work
    • In the current version (13.2.1), if the old format data reference expression is used, it will work at runtime but an App definition error will occur
    • On December 2nd, an email with the following subject was sent to the system administrator of the workflow platform on which the old-style data reference expression is used
      • [Questetra] Notice of discontinuation of data reference using data definition number (January 2022)
  • The output string using dateFormatter now outputs according to the locale of the workflow platform
    • E.g. ‘December’, ‘Friday’, ‘am/pm’, etc.
  • Numeric-type Data Item now can be used to specify values such as addDays () in Date/Datetime-type
    • e.g. #q_date.addDays(#q_num.intValue())
      • Add the number of days of the value entered in the Numeric-type (field name: q_num)


  • Split processing at the gateway is now recorded in the Process Log
    • Not in the Auto-processing log on the Process Detail screen

Concerning Advanced/Professional  

Automatic processing Steps that cooperate with other cloud services

  • Added the following automated processing Steps (Service Task)
    • Google Sheets: Delete Sheet
      • Deletes the target sheet in the specified spreadsheet
    • Box: Add Collaboration
      • Allows you to share files/folders with specified Users
    • Box: Delete Collaboration
      • Unshare files/folders
  • Changed specifications, internal implementations or fixed bugs in the following automated processing Steps (Service Tasks)
    • Converters, others
      • Converter (Date to Japanese calendar text)
      • Converter (Text File to String type data)
      • Converter (Table type data to Excel-CSV File)
      • Converter (Excel-CSV FILE to Table type data)
      • (Any Website): Download File
    • Google
      • Google Drive: Delete File / Folder
      • Google Sheets: Add New Sheet
    • Box
      • Box: Upload File
      • Box: Copy File
      • Box: Move File
      • Box: Delete Shared Link of File
      • Box: Create Folder
      • Box: Search Folder
      • Box: Delete Folder
      • Box: Delete Shared Link of Folder
    • kintone
      • kintone: Get Record
        • In addition to the String-type single line, the Select-type single selection has been added as a target of the Data Item that specifies the record ID
      • kintone: Search Records
        • Renamed from “kintone: Download Choice Data”
        • You can now specify a Data Item to store the record ID
        • It works now even if the search result is only one record
          • You can use this in combination by placing “kintone: Get Record” in the post-step

Message Start Event (email)

  • Message-ID, etc. is now recorded in the Process Log
  • Improved parse processing of Text/HTML field
    • Even emails without a Content-Disposition header are less likely to be garbled

Timer Start Event

  • The upper limit of the Count of Starting Processes when starting with the Count of Operators option is now set to 100
    • The same value as the upper limit when specifying a fixed number
    • If the number of target Users based on the Operator setting exceeds 100, you need to separate the Swimlanes

Update Choices

  • Workflow App-specific Choice master can now be updated
    • Not only the Choice master (App shared Add-on) commonly used in the workflow platform, but also the App-specific Choice master (Add-on) can be updated
    • App Administrator Authorization is required

Concerning Professional  

Script Task/Service Task

  • An App setting error occurs now if “Nashorn” is used for the script engine
    • This will result in a workflow App definition error, but it will not affect the behavior of the latest version of the App that is running or the behavior of the running Process (it will not be a Process runtime error)
    • You need to fix the error before releasing a new version of the App
    • Nashorn will be discontinued in April 2022

Questetra Form JavaScript API

  • The event handler “change” now operates on a Numeric-type Data Item in which an arithmetic expression is set

Changes of Functions for System Administrator

  • In the [App Authorization] page, the previous filtering conditions, etc. are now applied when returning to the App list after setting individual App authorizations
  • Fixed the following Bugs:
    • In [Process Log], if you search by specifying an App and then by specifying a Process ID, the application conditions may remain in the search

Changes of Functions for Questetra REST API Developer

  • For the Process/Task search API you can now specify a search condition (criteria parameter) in JSON format
  • XML format search criteria are now deprecated
    <string><data-definition-number>0</data-definition-number><contains /><value>hello</value></string>
    <decimal><data-definition-number>1</data-definition-number><view /></decimal>
    <table><data-definition-number>10</data-definition-number><view /></table>
  "data": [{
  "fields": [{
  }, {

Non-functional Changes and Changes of External tool Functions

  • Added support for Windows 11

Plans of Future Changes

The following specification changes and changes to the system platform are planned for future versions

Schedule for April 2022

  • Nashorn will be discontinued as a script engine for Script Tasks and Service Tasks (Add-on)
  • The Advanced Layout feature for customizing the Operating Form screens will be discontinued
  • The following APIs that add/remove Stars to Tasks will be discontinued
    • /API/OR/Workitem/Star/add
    • /API/OR/Workitem/Star/remove
  • In XML that specifies search conditions, the element workitem-starred that specifies whether a Task has been starred or not will be discontinued
    • Use the element starred to specify the presence or absence of a Star in Process

Schedule for April 2023

  • The following APIs for retrieving My Tasks/Offered will be discontinued
    • My Tasks: /API/PE/Workitem/listAllocated
    • Offered: /API/PE/Workitem/listOffered

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