This bug has been fixed.

Fixed Version

  • Ver.12.1.0

Affected Version and Operation

  • Ver.12.0
  • Execute a Process without setting the Select-type/File-type Data Item in Service Task (HTTP Request to Start Event)

Bug Details

  • Occurs in operating
    • Release an App in which the following data-type Data Items whose value to be passed has been set to a blank (Unspecified) in the setting screen of the Service Task (HTTP Request to Start Event), then execute a Process
      • Select-type Data Items
      • File-type Data Items
  • What will occur
    • A script error occurs at the execution and the processing fails
    • Consequently, the new process is not started


  • Please use one of the following workarounds
    • In the Message Start Event (HTTP) on the receiving side, set Select-type and File-type Data Items not to be edited (not set as “Editable”)
    • In the Service Task (HTTP Request to Start Event) on the sending side, set the Data Items to pass its value
      • The Data Item can be a dummy
      • Even if the value of the specified dummy Data Item is set to empty, it will not cause an error
  • This Bug is due to be fixed in the coming version (Ver. 12.1.0)

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