Receive Task (FORM)

Receive Task (FORM)

The outsider who doesn’t have an account for the Workflow platform can update the data in the middle of the Workflow. Publishes a Web form when a token arrives and awaits input to the web form. Advances the token if there is an input to the web form. The outsider is notified of the web form URL by email, etc.

Configs: Data editing permission
  • Data Item Name
  • Data editing permission
    • Editable
    • Only display
    • No display
Configs: API key
  • String-type data item with the API key (Only alphanumeric characters, at most 100 in length)
Configs: Submit Action
  • Page URL on Submit
Configs: Deadline
  • Deadline#{EL}



  • User/Organization-type Data Item can not be displayed on web forms
  • The API key is specified with a String-type Data Item which is set with an initial value using a random number, etc.
  • By specifying “Page URL on Submit” you can redirect the user to the page after submitting
  • You can inform the access URL using “Throwing Message Intermediate Event (Email)”
  • You can set a deadline and define the flow after the deadline
  • You can restrict the accessing IP address for each Web form URL

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