Internal Regulation Revision Process, SharePoint Online Output 20220526
The drafted internal regulation file is approved by the officer in charge and the board of directors makes a decision. After approval, the file is automatically saved in a designated folder on SharePoint Online and disseminated via email.
Worker (#of Swimlane: 3)
  • Planner
    • Person in charge of drafting amendments to the regulations.
  • Officer in Charge
    • The officer in charge of approving amendments to the regulations.
  • Board of Directors
    • The Board of Directors decides on the revision or abolition of the regulations.
Business Flow (Complexity of Workflow: 12)
  • 11. Drafting
    • The planner prepares a revised draft.
  • 31x. Response to the rejection
    • The originator can amend the draft and resubmit it or withdraw it.
  • 22. Approval
    • The officer in charge approves the draft.
  • 63. Decision-making and Comments
    • Record the results and comments of decisions made at board meetings.
  • 74. Correction instructions/Confirmation
    • The officer in charge makes a final check before dissemination, based on the comments made at the board meeting.
  • 84x. Modification
    • The drafter revises the draft based on the instructions of the officer in charge.
  • 14Upload to SharePoint Online
    • Upload the file to the specified folder in SharePoint Online.
Business Process Variables (#of Data Item: 10)
  • ▼ Information on amendments and abolition of internal regulations ▼ 0
  • Revised Category q_Category 1*
    • The revision/revision category (new/revised/abolished) of the regulation is stored.
  • Draftsperson q_Personnel 2
    • The person in charge of drafting the amendment or abolition of the regulations is stored.
    • ${processInstance.initQuserId}
  • Name of internal regulation q_Name 3*
    • The name of the regulation to be amended or abolished is stored.
  • Effective Date q_Date 4*
    • The date applicable to the amendment or abolition of the regulation is stored.
  • Draft Explanation q_Description 5*
    • The explanation of the draft amendment or repeal of the regulation is stored.
  • Draft file q_File 6*
    • It contains the file of the draft amendment or abolition of the regulation.
  • File URL q_fileUrl 13
    • The file URL on SharePoint Online is stored.
  • ▼ Comments ▼ 7
  • Internal Company Message q_Message 8
    • Comments and instructions during approval and decision-making are stored.

Field Name, num, Initial Value


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